live wire farm

um, ok. can i just say, “yes, yes please. i’ll take them all.” i was reading sfgirl this weekend and saw these painfully, painfully beautiful hand carved wooden hooks ($40-$50), spoons ($10-$50) and napkin rings ($20) from live wire farm. i have like $20 to my name right now (darn you estimated taxes!) but i’m so tempted to put those $20 towards one of these hooks. they make me want to redo my entire bathroom with a minimalist woodsy feel. too bad our fugly grey tiles ruin the whole look. oh well, one day i’ll have my dream bathroom with white wainscot and a cabin feel. in the meantime, i’ll lust after these. [via sfgirlbybay, via at:ny]

[ok i broke down and bought a hook. that didn’t take long…]




Courtney Bartik

beautiful! These are the perfect napkin rings to go with my china to complete the modern/natural duality theme in my dining room! Thank you for sharing!

Catherine Chandler

These are amazing!

And my fugly grey and pink tiles beat yours any day :) Luckily, I’m only renting! Maybe you should apply to be on one of the home & garden shows :) Thank you for sharing these beauties!


Jessica Marie

Oh, love love love love.

I just noticed Catherine’s comment about grey and pink tiles – my apartment bathroom is mainly peach tiles, with a cornflower bathtub and navy tiles accenting the peach. Gag me with a spoon. Count your blessings.


I don’t see the shelf brackets on the Live Wire farm I nuts? I must have those!



I love ds, and find something to covet literally every day… but don’t those hooks look a little…um..(I’m not sure how to put this) friendly?


I just adore anything that crosses over from ‘country’ to ‘comptemporty’. Luv em!


The shelf brackets are actually two individual hooks that the owner/craftsman pairs for you, based on what size shelf you’ll be putting up and how much weight it’ll need to hold. I ordered those (and a spoon, and some honey–what can I say, pre-holiday spending spree) a few months ago, and I was floored by the personalized customer service I received. So much time and attention given to making sure I got what I needed; plus, the stuff was beautiful and the honey delicious. :) Highly recommended on all counts!


Wow! So, I should just contact them about the brackets. Thanks Maya!!!