Handmade Linen

Hi everyone, I am very excited to be guest blogger this week at Design*Sponge, my usual abode is whipup.net where I write, edit and find handmade inspiration. I haven’t written a personal blog for a while now so even if you know whipup you may not know much about me. I live in Australia and am in the middle of a hot hot summer, we spent Christmas and New Year at the beach. I am also a mother with two little ones, the youngest is about to start school this year (Otilija is 7 and Orlando is 5), before we went away the kids and I had a great time preparing our tree and gingerbread men. I also am a designer – print media – and work at an art magazine part time, and take photos all the rest of the time – I love self portraiture and also hang out at selfportraitchallenge.net where there is a community of self portrait nuts.

In store from me this week will be a little taste of my at home handmade life, and inspiration and work from designers and artists whose work is handmade. There will be quite a range but most it I suspect will include fabrics and natural fibres – a major passion for me. First up I have to confess a weakness for the simple, warm and natural look of linen especially when combined with vintage fabrics.

One of my current favourite designers is Portuguese artist Paula whose clothing and accessories line is called otchipotchi.

Recently published author (The Creative Family: How to Encourage Imagination and Nurture Family Connections) and long time craft/home parenting blogger Amanda Soule has recently opened an online shop with limited edition handmade goods, her unique style includes uses recycled and vintage fabrics and crochet doilies to create unusual and eye catching pieces.

This lovely bag, from i heart linen, is made from linen and a vintage t-towel.

pia jane bijkerk

fantastic! you are after my own heart, i am sure of it. i will certainly be checking in for more handmade inspiration from you. and love that there is some aussie-ness in here too!