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diy project: driftwood rack

by Grace Bonney

i couldn’t resist adding another driftwood related diy project from jess chamberlain at sunset magazine. i’m tempted to call my parents and see if they can send me some driftwood from the beach at home. the steps are simple so i’ve posted the whole project right here. enjoy! [thanks, jess!]

Project: Driftwood Rack

Turn a scavenged piece of driftwood into an organic-chic entryway rack in 30 minutes or less. (For regulations on collecting driftwood, check with your local state beach authority.)

    1. Our piece of driftwood happened to lie flat against the wall; if yours doesn’t, use a band saw to cut off one-third of the driftwood lengthwise.
    2. With four round hook screws (available at home improvement stores) and a handheld electric drill, drill four holes into the bottom of your driftwood, angling them forward slightly so the hooks won’t lean against the wall. Use a drill bit the width of your screw’s shank.
    3. With the help of a wrench, screw the hook ends into the wood, tightening them so they all face forward.
    4. Secure your driftwood to a wall using two long screws, spaced so each is secured in a wall stud.

By Jess Chamberlain (More projects by Jess at Sunset right here)
Photograph by Rob D. Brodman

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  • love this – i’m going to the beach this afternoon to look for some driftwood! it looks so easy. thanks for the post!

  • I love Sunset, it can be a little to mainstream, but I love how regional the gardening sections are. The 1950-70 editions are AMAZING.

    Great post- thank you.

  • This is amazing. I have been looking for a coat rack and I absolutely love wood type things!!!! Now if only I had a beach to go to! Where the heck am I going to find some drift wood…

  • Try Beach House Style (www.mybeachhousestyle.com or 415/454-3138)—a great coast-inspired home & garden store (with incredible prices) in Fairfax, CA. (Psst: They also have beautifully casual beachy clothing that’ll make you feel shore-side wherever you are.)