desk chair roundup

one by one i’m adding the old HG product guides back onto d*s. today i’m starting with the desk guide so i thought it would be fun to build a desk chair guide to go along with it! you can view the full desk guide right here and the full desk chair roundup right here (or just click “read more” below for the full chair post). desk chairs can be sort of a sticky wicket because everyone has a different idea of what makes a good task chair. for some people it’s all about function: aeron chairs, life chairs, etc. but for some it just needs to be a sturdy chair with a cushion so i’ve tried to include both in this roundup. please feel free to add your favorites in the comment section below. stay tuned for a special new city guide next!

[image above, clockwise from top left: studio office chair $298, green patent leather time life chair at 1st dibs (other colors available from herman miller), eames management chair (my fav) $1845, leap chair by steelcase $2199, vitra standard chair $695, fiberglass shell chair $325, eros chair $620]

[image above, clockwise from top left: wire seat with pad $199 (i suggest a back pad, too. i used to use one of these at my old office and loved it), pollock executive chair $1366, organic chair $1700, jules jr. chair $39.99, megan chair $907- $1074, hudson swivel task chair $795]

[image above, clockwise from top left: madison swivel office chair $129.99, alpha chair $799, swag leg armchair $399, 0.4 chair $980, lady swivel chair $1836, ernst chair $275 (i’d add a cushion), executive armless chair $791, patrik chair $149]

[image above, clockwise from top left: hula hoop chair $915, darius chair at target $299.99, uno chair $449, modernica arm shell rolling base chair $399, gibson task chair $995, egoa task chair $598, surf office chair $199, spoon chair $685]

[image above, clockwise from top left: aeron chair $950, jc penny desk chair $89, knoll life chair $899, merril chair at target $179.99, teen trends desk chair $149.99, sydney office chair $139.99, emeco upholstered swivel armchair $830, eames alluminum management chair $1129, offi cachet chair $599]

[image above: ryden desk chair $180, slipcover $79]

[image above: clockwise from top left: swivel desk armchair $269]

[image above: Ooh la la swivel chair $299]

[image above, left to right: swivel leather desk chair $299, t desk chair $239]


hi grace! that font is fantastic – do you know what it is called? i had to comment – i’m a font freak!

angela hardison

I’m a graphic designer, and therefore always in front of the computer. I sit in an Aeron chair at work all day and it’s SO comfortable I don’t even realize it… until I get home and sit in my Patrik chair from Ikea (very un-comfy).

Ronn Ives/FUTURES Antiques

“Task” chairs are a complicated issue, not just because of the tasks ahead, but your preferences in sitting style as you proceed. Working on, I need to roll, flex, swivel, tilt, rest my arms, give my lower back support, and I often sit up on one or both feet. I’m ALL OVER my chair, and for quite a few hours every day. For ME, the Herman Miller “Equa” chair is preferable. It’s very supportive and accomodating to my needs. You order them as you do a new car – with choices and options. Mine rang up to about $1K even, if memory serves. I’m sitting on it right now. For years I have looked forward to the daily use of this design. Kudos to Stumpf and Chadwick. It was a SMART design effort.
Ronn Ives/FUTURE Antiques


These are all beautiful. But my holy grail desk chair is a vintage Danish Kevi chair (designed by Jurgen Rasmussen), which I found on ebay. It’s bright yellow bentwood, on wheels, adjustable seat and back, and still very comfortable. I use it with a glossy white parsons table from gothic craft that I painted myself with benjamin moore paint- only because the west elm desk was too small and too expensive.


i thought there was no better desk chair than my black leather time life chair – and then you had to go and show it in pear green leather… well, at least when my butts in it i don’t know it’s not green.


you forgot the ever so great Humanscale Freedom chair!! I think that’s a big competitor to the aeron chair.


I’m also a graphic designer, working from my home, in front of the computer an awful lot– and 7 1/2 months pregnant. My Teknion Contessa chair has been superbly comfortable–before the pregnancy, and now especially in this last trimester, when all the other chairs in the house are becoming less and less comfortable.



I like your chair collection, as you say everyone has there own idea about what makes a good task chair, it also depends on how you use it. If you’re going to spend hours at a PC then you’ll need something with plenty of good support and comfort.

If it’s just for occasional use then something you just like the looks of is probably fine.

One product range I would add is HAG they’ve been making great chairs for years. You can find reviews of HAG chairs plus other quality seats at my site


I have new inqury of hula hoop chair, please kindly find the 4th picture on this web. can you provide the dimension and material for this chair, thanks.


the hula hoop chair is made of plastic but has a vinyl/leather pad — not sure which. it’s made by vitra, but if i’m not mistaken, has been discontinued.