chelsea james

i wanted to kick things off today with these lovely paintings by artist chelsea james. based in houston, texas, chelsea creates beautiful figural, still life and landscape paintings which are sold through galleries in california and utah. you can browse several galleries of her work right here; i’ve chosen my favorites above and below.


were you making a pun with “kick things off” in your post beside the pile of kicked off shoes? I like these, and that donut… what a place to find one!


I would love to have one of these paintings in my home. What an amazing artist!


Thanks for the art update today! I’ve been searching for a new artist to fall in love with and now I’ve found her.


shoes and dessert. My 2 favorite things. love this artist.


When I saw this artist I was obsessed. I found out she has a website – for all those interested

liza cowan

These paintings are sublime. Thanks so much for introducing her to us. I linked over to her website, which is also wonderful. What a nice boost on a rainy day!


Absolutely love her work! I’m inspired now to get the easel out again. Great palette and compositions – thanks for the post.


So fun to see these here! I have 4 of her paintings hanging in my home. I can’t get enough of her. Found her in a gallery in Salt Lake City. Actually tried to buy the pile of shoes painting but was beat out by a Salt Lake City collector. She is fresh and fun.


I love the simplicity and composition of her work. My sister has a couple of her pieces and they are so inviting and comfortable.


How beautiful. Looks like a fresh talent that will be worth keeping up with.


My friends and I are always looking for new and upcoming artists and Chelsea has definitely made our list.


I have seen her art in Palm Desert, CA, in Coda Gallery and she just keeps getting better! Keep painting.


Hey chels, I just happened to come upon designsponge and found your stuff here!!! crazy! i am so excited. i love, love , love your paintings!! you are definately one of my favorite artists.. love your work chels. so cool. i will buy all of your paintings some day. every one of them!!!