before and after: hutch makeover

d*s reader dagmara in toronto sent in this beautiful hutch makeover project for before + after thursday. last year she found a “ridiculously cute” hutch and sideboard/server on craigslist for around $125 (canadian dollars). she didn’t love the original green color so she repainted it a glossy white (using melamine) and combined the server and hutch to create a fun, vintage-inspired kitchen look. i think the result is fantastic- thanks for sharing, dagmara!

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Just wow…this is the most awesome diy/renovation project I’ve seen in a long time!


I am totally inspired. I bought some end tables for $3 each at a second hand store about a year ago. I need to do the same and paint them a lovely white.


I’m curious about the paint used for this project. Is it paint that can be used to paint melamine or paint that has a finish like melamine (maybe more durable)? I’m looking to paint some cabinets so I’m curious!


I want to know more about those blue bowls on the server. I have one that may be from the same ‘family’ from my grandmother and would love to find out where to get more… anybody?


That looks great! It’s amazing what a coat of paint will do. Now it looks like something you’d pay a great deal of money for!

I have only ever heard of melamine paint from Canadians/Canadian designers. Is that something that’s available in the U.S.? If so, what is the brand, and where is it found?


Thanks for all the kind comments. It was a lot of work but I am really happy with the results. It really helps if you have a handy fiance who can walk you through all the necessary steps.

I believe the paint I used was Sico in House White. The sales person told us it was their melamine paint because we told him we would be painting our kitchen cabinets with it and we had so much left we used it on the cabinet as well. We primed and put two coats on, but I would probably suggest three for durability as our kitchen cabinets are showing chips already.

Blue pyrex bowls were also craigslist finds.


funny but canadian dollars and american dollars are right on par. just an observation to your note there.


She’s got great taste and she’s strong too!! I could never lift that mixer up and down from the hutch!

I like Jessie idea too. Nice foto.


This is unbeleivable, I love it so much! I want to get movin on something now. Thanks for sharing!


Simply, beautiful! Now I feel like painting every wooden piece of furniture in my house ‘white’.


What a completely inspiring makeover! The two pieces work perfectly together, and the glossy white paint makes everything new again.


Love how it turned out! Could you give more detail about melamine paint? I don’t know anything about it and would love to know.


It is truly amazing what a little paint can do. If only more of the world took some time to refurbish a perfectly good piece of furniture, there might not be quite as much waste and greed. In design you are always trying to encourage new in the sake of making an extra commission but it is better to give rebirth to a sad tired piece. Luckily for me I can see the vision on a tired piece. So, for those of you who think you can’t — take a digital of it and take some crayons and or markers to the copied print.
Then, you’ll see it or at least have some what of an idea of how it would look new.

Lynn Scott

Hi you have given your find a great new look and i can only imagine the joy you had,good find great paint job,it has given me a idear.fantastic!

Donna @ Rent a Desk

There is nothing better than doing a make over, that looks absolutely stunning and I love the use of white as it gives it than clean natural look. Thanks for sharing look forward to see more makeovers.


I am in the process of doing this too. What technique did you use to paint–a sparyer ora brush?