Welcome, Courtney of Style Court!

Hello from Atlanta! I’m so flattered Grace invited me to be here. For the past few months, emails have been flying between L.A., Palm Beach and Atlanta. Some of my favorite designing women including, Ruthie Sommers, Betsy Burnham, Kelly Galvin Robson, Lee Kleinhelter, Carla Lane, and Christine Bell, graciously took time to share fun and helpful insights about their work.

First up is Ruthie. You know her as Domino’s original cover girl. Since this North Carolina native has already been featured in all the major shelter mags, I thought it would be interesting to see some before shots of the re-invented vintage furniture for which Ruthie (and her chic boutique, Chapman Radcliff) are well-known. Generously, the busy new mom, author and decorator obliged. Later in the week, Betsy Burnham and Carla Lane will offer specific tips on making-over your own finds.


The Peak of Chic

What a wonderful idea Courtney! So clever. Don’t we all have those inherited pieces that at first glance just don’t seem to fit in? This is great inspiration.

Brilliant Asylum

I am just catching up on your week of posts. Great job! I love the furniture makeovers. It is so interesting to see the whole process.