sneak peek: tricia royal

d*s reader jill danyelle wrote in a while back to suggest a sneak peek into the home of artist tricia royal. tricia recently moved to san francisco and was kind enough to share a peek into her lovely, color filled home. tricia founded wardrobe remix on flickr but you can find more information on her work right here at bits and bobbins. and as always, you can click here for larger versions of these photos. enjoy!

[just a teaser for monday: next week d*s is going to be ALL about sneak peeks. so tune in because you won’t want to miss the interiors we’ll be sharing all week]






I’m looking for a fireplace insert. Do you know where this one came from?

Uncle Beefy

Mmmm…I love the great balance that Tricia has achieved between kitschy and colorful with personal and polished. Nice job, Tricia!


love all the color!
i actually just bought the ‘for like ever’ poster for my finace– we’ve been together since high school (9 years!) and people are always saying “you two have been together for like ever!”
and the font is so lovely, on top of the sentiment.


its such a cheerful place to live! i love that lamp, where is that from?


I’d love to know where she got that round wooden end table. Do you have any information on where her furniture is from?

Anna Human

I just love the pretty colors. Did she crochet or knit the blankets herself?

liz hammel

The table looks like the ‘Rolly’ from DWR — I have a crave-on for it, too.


omg. Feel dizzy from hyperventilation in excitement of gorge colours and nik nak colour bursts. loving your style!


hold on! I’m missing out… where’s the for like ver poster from… it’s great!


I adore the curtains by the bookcases. What a cheerful place to live! My oranges will now forever have a cute saucer/cup!
Adorable! Love the table and crochet, colorful flowers!
Smiles, cyndi/frstyfrolk

Marilyn S. Wisniewski

I am 68 years old and you are a blast of sunshine to this ” ol bag in Michigan. Love your decor!!!!!


Hello your house is very cute and colorful. As a California native I feel it is my duty to tell you that the shelf above your bed is a hazard in the case of an earthquake! Secure your items! Especially in San Francisco!