sneak peek: tara heibel of sprout home

tara heibel happens to be one of my favorite people around. besides owning my favorite store in chicago (sprout home), tara is one of those incredibly cool people who you know you’ll have a good time with no matter what. and on top of that, she has one of the most incredible houses i’ve ever seen. tara purchased this building, which used to be a corner store, and converted it into a super sleek, super fun home full of extras that ac loves like a drum kit, bar and massive record collection (and grifter the dog). you can see full sized (and extra) versions of tara’s photos right here and find more information on sprout home chicago right here (there’s also a brooklyn location!). enjoy and i’ll be back at 12:30 with the yearly wrap up post!









Carrie S.

This house is making me drool, AND making me feel I need to spend some of my xmas money on brightly colored house paint.
Also, need more pictures of the record collection! The Hubs and I are shopping for new vinyl storage (and CD storage for that matter) and I need inspiration. Any recs for media storage? We have 3000 records and 5000 CDs to wrangle into submish. Gah.



The link you posted to the rest of Tara’s pics is set at private in Flickr :(

ps- Merry Christmas!… thanks for all the wonderful posts all year long!! Can’t wait to see what you post in the new year!


Pix on flickr are private and not accessible or I am really technically challenged this AM. I would love to see more!


How on earth did she hang the pachinko machines on the wall? I have one just like that and it weighs a ton…any suggestions?


Those games and the mouth poster are too fabulous. Love this place. Excellent photos, too. It can be hard to manage a mix of funky and sleek, and she seems to have the mix just right.


Oh, I love Vislas (the pup) one of my good friends has one too.

Also the games on the wall, I think that might be my fave bit.


And a pet makes a true home (sigh). I’m intrigued by the machines on the wall (a P.P. identified them as “pachinko” machines. Did Tara give any commentary on her sneak peak? I’d love to learn more about her nest!

Beatrice Caldwell

All these houses look too sterile. Where’s the stuff?


wow.. love this place.. and all about about it! They have definitally been lucky when it comes to finding amazing mid century items! I hope some o that luck comes some time soon for us!
As far as beatrice’s comment above…. sterile?? This place screams comfort and home to me… she must really love some of the industrial/clinical styles going on.. haha


What an AWESOME…vaguely retro but still totally modern…color sense she has! The blue color in the living room in the top photo just kills me, and the snoozing doggie doesn’t hurt either! :-) Nice writeup. Happy New Year!


If anyone is interested, Ortolan is a shop on Etsy that carries some beautiful anatomical charts like the one featured in this home. Laura, of Ortolan, is a great friend, and far too modest to post an announcement about it herself. Forgive me if you find it crass.


One of the two best, if not the best. Definitely the best use of the color red.

I only hope my digs end up looking that nice – I’m trying to achieve what you have – a balance between the furnishings and amount and scale of accessories. So many people mess up a good design with too many knicknacks, or knicknacks that are too small in scale. Your place is perfect.


..forgot to mention – your taste in art is excellent.