sneak peek: lisa neimeth

san francisco based artist lisa neimeth was kind enough to share a sneak peek into her beautiful studio today. after catching a quick glimpse of her (converted chicken-coop!) studio earlier this month, i think we were all curious to see more. so lisa was kind enough to send over some beautiful photos of the interior and garden. enjoy! as always, you can click here for larger (and extra) images and here for more information on lisa’s beautiful work.

We live in an 1886 dairy farmhouse near Golden Gate Park and the ocean in the Inner Sunset district of San Francisco surrounded by giant Monterey Cyprus trees and the typical urban detritus that comes with living in big city. However, on the occasional clear quiet night, I can hear the “who-ing” of the owl that resides in our big trees–pretty magical and reminds me of why I am so inspired in my work by wildlife-urban and natural that surrounds our home. Behind the house is my oasis–the converted chicken coop that has morphed into my studio–a little light, water, tile and sheetrock goes a long way-though after a good rain, some creatures move in with me though the worn walls.


While toiling away in the studio–I look at a grassy mound that we planted that reminds me of the dunes out at the beach– I also get to glance out at the fishpond-that was brimming with koi fish until recently when an ambitious raccoon got to them! The patter of neighborhood cats and squirrels prance about on the roof and many many birds stop to visit my sculptural installations that dot the backyard. I am grateful everyday for being able to live in this fabulous city with all of its inspiring urban iconography–but still feel like I live in the country–made all the more special that any day an earthquake–perhaps the “big one” may arrive. We are banking on the hope that this house has survived 2 major ones already and is still standing..proud. and that owl is watching over us too!



The “birds in the grass”-are remnants of clay–what I make out of the clay cut away from the plates. These will get sold with proceeds going to a local nonprofit organic farm!


I’m actually speechless. When I first saw the photo of the studio all I could do was make a quiet, delighted “oh”. Her home and objects are a perfect world. (and all that wonderful green). Thank you for the inspiration!


really beautiful and inspiring work–presented in such a beautiful setting–

brian knox

i use some of lisa’s hand crafted vessels are used in my restaurant. they are beautiful, durable and never fail to solicit a very positive comment from a diner.


I love yards that function as art gardens /mini art installations…what a wonderful environment to plant a studio to create in!

(too bad about the koi…)


Hey! That’s not that archival plaster lamb I gave you last Easter in your parts pile, is it?
Seriously, though, your studio and surrounding grounds are beautiful! An inspiration. Great use of scrap clay, too. Keep up the good work!


hi kasha

if you shoot me an email i’d be happy to help after the holidays :)

i try to keep all information requests unrelated to posts in email form.



wow-what a terrific work space and I love the way the plates look in their place settings on that table–really beautiful.


Dear Design Sponge Team

I must say, I was really hooked on to ur blog, that i just chanced upon. Some of those pictures are awesome and inspiring for an amateur photographer like me. Some of the garden pictures are e xcellent and I feel like gazing at it for hours.



That green paint in the dining room is fantastic! Can you say more about it?


Hi Kate-sorry for the delay in responding about the color! Hope you see this….
It is called Evening Picnic-kelly Moore (KM 430) I have about 3 different greens throughout my house…can’t get enough!


Wow. This studio would be a dream come true. I’ve made it a goal of mine to update one of our sheds this summer and transform it into my own studio. I hope that one day it will look as amazing as this one!


Your studio is awesome. It’s open and artistic
Somehow it really shows the artist – …… my dream studio ;)


I love the green color of the dining room. Could you provide me with any sort of guidance to match this color? It would work perfect with the light in my kitchen!


Michael – I think Lisa has already answered your question about the green paint – look up a few posts!