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David Stark’s Brooklyn Home

by Grace Bonney

i’m honored to share a special sneak peek today into the home of brooklyn based event planner and designer david stark. a graduate of both risd and sva, david has worked with big-time clients like beyoncé (i’m dying to know what that was like), jon stewart, target and condé nast but also offers expert planning and design for smaller, more intimate occasions like dinner parties and weddings. i’m familiar with david’s work with bridal bouquets and tabletop (he has a book on both subjects) but i wasn’t familiar with his home in my own borough. just a hop skip and jump away from our neighborhood, david lives in brooklyn and describes his home as “a constantly changing gallery of art pieces”. his way with color is amazing (his bedroom is my dream room) and i hope you’ll enjoy the full sneak peek (and david’s comments) below. as always you can click here for larger photos of david’s home. enjoy! [thanks so much to david for sharing his home with us]

My house is a constantly changing gallery of art pieces — from pieces that my studio has created for events to art pieces that I have purchased. I adore residing within an ever-changing collage, and I am lucky enough to use my studio downstairs as a constant source of new ideas and materials to keep the place always feeling new.

Right now I am interested in subverting classic furniture shapes with surprising fabrics. The traditional wing chair feels zippy and young upholstered in a plush Kermit the Frog-like velvet

It’s funny. I wear very little color. I feel most comfortable in dark neutrals. But in my home, I MUST have vivid blazing color everywhere. The color of my icy pink bedroom is mesmerizing. It looks different depending on what time of day it is. In the morning when I lie in bed with my eyes first open, it is a dusky lavender while at night, it is definitely a the softest kiss of pink. Color should have mystery. I stare at the pink, and I can’t figure out how it is made — what colors it is composed of. I love that.






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  • I am so jealous of that bright green wing chair, it’s criminal. And is that an Alexander Girard design on the pillow? Cutest thing ever.

  • I’m a big fan of David’s — he’s just a really lovely guy to work with, and obviously ridiculously talented. That bedroom paint color IS gorgeous – I’d love to know what it is!

  • love David’s work! i went to the Target Pop-up Store party in the Hamptons a few years ago that David designed and it was gorgeous…so great to see these photos of his home! -joy

  • delicious– can i know where his amazing striped rugs are from and who is the artist behind the “blurry”/”pixelated” dollar bill??

  • I made dinner for Beyonce once and it was sweet. Right after “No, no, no”. She was even foxier before she became a Superstar.

    shira, Looks like a Tom Friedman print.

    Nice wall of glass in that apartment.

  • I simply must know the brand and color used in the bedroom! I once slept in a room this color and its true, the color changes and warms and cools during the day. Please find out what color that is so I can use it in my own space.

  • I too have been seeing so many wonderful simple striped rugs and don’t know where to find them! Also some of the fabrics in his pillows (like the yellow and brown stripe that anthropology used last year on a side chair) came from. Dying for those resources if anyone knows. Great post!

  • Anyone know where one could get their hands on a fabulous white tree like the one pictured in the 6th photo (behind the grey sectional couch)?

  • i just heard from david’s office, the pink paint is:

    Janovic Plaza’s “Prettiest Pale,” number 8148

    i’m tempted to do a room in this color. oh wait, ac would kill me. argh…


  • I would love to know where the couch is from. I’ve been shopping for one and his is perfect.

  • I picked out that white tree too! It almost blends in with everything else that’s going on in the room, but it’s such an awesome piece of sculpture.

    I too, would like to know where it’s from although it’s not likely that I could afford it. Haha.

  • Oh! Wow. His home looks like one contiguous art installation. fantastic. The COLORS! Browns, limes, the surprising restfulness in the bedroom pink . . . umm . . . officially jealous!

  • the undies print is a hugo guinness. the john derian company carries his work. i’m so so obsessed!

  • Does anyone know where/ what is the white tree in the living room? I want one!!!

    :O) Thank you

  • this is my all-time favorite sneak peek–heavenly!!!! i love the contrast of the bold limes and browns verses the pink and white bedroom. i had a lavender living room in my last house and it was unbelievably soothing…

    i also was coveting those striped rugs, thanks for the source Grace!

  • does anyone know the fabric on his kofod larsen chair? i’m looking to reupholster mine.

  • more answers:

    1. The white tree is something that David and his studio made for a project that he reclaimed as home décor instead of getting rid of it. The leaves are all cut from white paper and I painted the tree trunk and branches white. They hot glued the leaves onto the branches.

    2. The sofa: David bought it years ago from a store called TROY that was next to MOSS in Soho for many years. Back then, it was one of the city’s pivotal design sources. David says the sofa is one of the best purchases he has ever made and is filled with down. “It is super comfy and like brand new. I love it”

  • His work deff. makes me swoon!
    So I’m thinking, find a fake ficus tree and a couple cans of spray paint. Then, I know I saw a brown striped rug at Target. Last, find a lamp to match the one that looks like a weaved porcelain basket. Thanks for the great ideas!

  • Great apartment! I love the covers on the bertoia chairs. I’ve been looking for covers for mine forever – does anyone know where to get them or are they custom made?

  • David Stark is a gifted designer, thank you for sharing this sneek peak. Could you please tell me where the white deer came from?
    Many thanks.

  • Looked through the photos and thought to myself that everything, from the colors to the composition of these photos looked dated. Then, I noticed that this post is from 9 years ago! Why is a 9 year old post on home page of this website??

    • Cat

      Because we love and are proud of the content we’ve produced over the past 12 years and don’t want it to get lost in the archives. We don’t believe “new” is the only interesting factor in homes.


  • I often flip through old “Interiors” and “Best Of” posts, for ideas or simply to relax. I think it’s great you sometimes repost interesting older posts that I’ve missed.

  • Hello Grace,

    I just wanted you to be aware of the language used in this piece. I just read your wonderful essay, THE SPACE BETWEEN WHAT WE SAY AND WHAT WE HEAR. There are several times in this post and within the comment section that you are using language similar to the language you critiqued. I am writing this out of love and believe that you were not aware of the phrases I caught. Examples I read were, “(i’m dying to know what that was like)” and “i’m tempted to do a room in this color. oh wait, ac would kill me. argh…” I thought that it was odd that this was posted in conjunction with the essay. This post was written years ago, I am aware, and your essay bravely talks the past. I just wanted to bring this to your attention because it was jarring to see, after reading your essay. I appreciate your work and also have loved seeing the evolution of your work be one of vunerabilty and strength. Keep up the amazing work.

    • Jessica

      Yes, I have made plenty (way more than these comments) of mistakes in my language over the years. I don’t believe in deleting comments just to protect myself from criticism and I haven’t done a full site-wide search for that phrase yet. We routinely bring up archived content in the carousel at the top, so I’ll try to make sure I double check those posts to ensure there’s nothing upsetting in them. I definitely had a different tone of voice back in those days and am glad that is behind me. I’ve learned a lot- and am still learning- about the most mindful way of expressing myself online.