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sneak peek: andy pratt & sarah coombs

by Grace Bonney

i’m so glad to be back in the groove with sneak peeks again. it’s a tough time of year to ask people to clean and photograph their houses (relatives, shopping, travel- it’s tough) so i’ve fallen woefully behind on having a new house weekly. but hopefully our new intern (yay!) can help with that. in the meantime, i’m thrilled to share a sneak peek into the home of artists andy pratt and sarah coombs. you may recognize andy from his stationery line, but ac and i know andy and sarah best as the royal couple of btsh. andy is one of the most incredible players in our hockey league and his lovely wife sarah is an equally good goalie (and looks super cool in all that gear). they were kind enough to share some photos of their home (photographed by their friend shannon taylor) and a brief description so i hope you’ll enjoy andy and sarah’s sneak peek. you can click here for slightly larger versions of their photos- enjoy! [thanks andy and sarah!]

“Our East Village apartment is railroad-style, but instead of having full walls, the divisions are mostly glass, so we have lots of windows indoors. It’s great because it makes the small apartment feel much bigger. Plus, it is kind of cool to be able to see the rest of the apartment no matter where you are.”

“Even though we’re renters, we’ve tried to incorporate lots of ourselves into our apartment. Sarah did the silhouettes of us on the wall in our living room right after we got married in September, and some of my new prints are up there, too. We put my robot in the bell jar in order to showcase a little of my collection, as well as protect him from our two cats, Sydney Bristow and The Butler. And the long cork board in the kitchen changes all the time as we get new pics—we have ones from our honeymoon and most recent party up there now, mixed with old family photos and postcards we bought but never sent.”



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  • Cool space! What are the things, the white porcelain kid-head bowl-type things, next to the robot? I’m fascinated.

  • Oh I love the picture board! Grace, do you know if the pictures are up there with thumbtacks? I would think they are, but you can’t see them in the picture so maybe they’re especially small. I’m totally going to steal that idea for my place, I’m awful at getting pictures framed and constantly changing my mind about which ones I want to display!

  • I never thought I’d see the day a Silverhawks action figure would be an element of hip interior design….wow. My whole concept of reality has now been upended.

  • Beautiful! Absolutely loving the robot in a bell jar – geniuos! erm, but two of the links are faulty (have double web addresses on them) and the flickr set is set to private, so couldn’t get bigger better pictures!

  • I love the bold colors in their kitchen! Can you tell me who makes the lamp in the bedroom?

  • I’m sure it wasn’t your primary focus in the room, but thank you for reminding me of my childhood love – Silverhawks.

    The room is great too by the way.

  • That red poppy print so reminds me of the first bedspread I bought way way back. I loved the color then. Love it now.

    BTW, since you changed from blogger, your site downloads awfully slow for me.

  • oops! fixed the flickr link and the url links for sarah and andy. :)

    sorry about the slow loading time. i’ve mentioned this before but just a reminder- we’re switching to a new server so hopefully this will be fixed soon.


  • hey! we’re so excited you like our place! the kitchen paint color is benjamin moore st. patty’s day. the white ceramic things next to the bell jar are citrus juicers with a male and female bust inside, the polly george mr. and mrs. jones juicer set. the light in the bedroom is a lights up! weegie lamp, and the photos on the cork board are held up with map pins.

  • I love that first photo so much I would use it as a screen saver if I weren’t too mechanically impaired to figure out how to change my screen image.

    What are map pins and where do you get them?

  • I love your yellow teapot! So cheerful (as is the rest of your place.) Would you mind sharing the maker?

  • The first shot is stunning. I love the color combination of the electric green wall and the red of those poppys. And I especially enjoy the bedside light – the three skinny peg legs are whimsicle and interesting. It is great! With room enough underneath for a book and clock etc. Fabulous. Thoughtful. And just beautiful!

  • I love the corkboard with pictures! Have been trying to find something like this for my home & studio. I’d love to know where you can find corkboard like this or corkboard rolls for walls! Thanks!

  • hey! the bird pillow is from CB2, the teapot is made by staub, and the volcano print is from the bird machine, by the artist mat daly. you can check him out at http://www.thebirdmachine.com. we got it a couple years ago, though, and i’m not sure they’ll still selling it, but it is worth a try!

  • and oh, map pins are push pins with tiny, plastic, ball-shaped heads. you can buy them at office supply or stationery stores.

  • What a transformation! The vibrancy of the colors and the eclectic decor choices make this a great place to come home to. I can’t wait to see it.

    Sarah’s mom

  • Hey, Mat Daly has his own site nowadays, matdaly.com. The poster in question is sold out, but other stunning work can be had. His wife runs the Renegade Craft Fair, and Mat’s posters for those events are way hep.

  • i love the long cork board! are those the same square cork-squares you can find in an office supply catalog? and the apartment itself is super-cool. love the vibrancy of the poppy image above the stove!

  • I love the bell jar with the action figure in it! Anyone know where you can find a jar like that?

  • LOVE the long raw corkboard. Where can you buy a roll like that? I’m just dying to copy your fab style!

  • hi, just found your blog about two weeks ago, I’ve been reading it ever since :)))
    it is a fantastic blog!
    I love the poppies print, it seems to me that it is one of the series from Donald Sultan called REDS.
    (I have one from the GREENS series)