ork posters

i think i waited all of 5 minutes to order ork design‘s brooklyn poster after reading lisa congdon‘s post about them on the d*s guest blog. and now jenny at ork has released her san francisco and manhattan posters. they’re only $22 each and nearly impossible to resist. click here to check them out and shop online.

[stay tuned for a fantastic sneak peek at 12:30!]


I got my Brooklyn poster pretty much immediately as well, I love this idea! Not only is the typography great but it’s a really useful piece. For me Form + Function are the basics of any good design concept.


Boston ones are in, too. I was one person who wrote requesting one. And I will get one. But the colors just don’t say Boston to me. If the red and white one were reversed…if there were a green and white one…


Yeah, it took me about 2 seconds to purchase the San Francisco one. Although she left out some of the smaller neighborhoods!


I just purchased the Chicago one, but was hoping for some suggestions from you as to go about mounting it/hanging it…?

Kelly Robson

I love the look of these! So graphic, and unique. They are great. But… where is the LA map??!!! I would have purchased one for everyone in the office… i think i will email her requesting a Los Angeles version… :)


Thanks Jody for link to paula scher website. Ive not heard of her before (I am not American if that explains that!) Just gorgeous work and I also love these ork design posters. Mapping is an artform in itself – add typography and you get WOW factor!


I am in LOVE with ORK – thank you so much for turning me on to this fantastic series! I don’t know if I have the resolve to wait for the reprint of the Boston “red” – I may just have to order the blue and brown right away (to match my much beloved and missed JP Pond and sky…)

m. heart

oh my, i just ordered the manhattan poster and CAN’T WAIT to see it! a little christmas present to myself! thanks for the tip.
ps: i agree with jamie – their website is a little confusing.


Was about to place my order and then . . . I want it NOW. I will stop at Frameworks on 5th ave on the way home. And no shipping fee!