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kitchen timer roundup

oddly enough i’ve had quite a few readers ask for a kitchen timer guide so i thought i’d put together a roundup before the holiday break. i’ve thrown in a few egg-timers for fun if you’re looking for something specifically for eggs. and if you’ve got any budding chefs in your family these might make a great stocking stuffer or last-minute gift. hope you enjoy!

[image above, clockwise from top left: magnetic timer $12, kitchen tape timer $18, eva solo timer $42, green timer $10, cock-a-doodle timer $10, form kitchen timer $25, orb timer $13.50, alessi timer $29.50]

[image above, clockwise from top left: triple timer $48, mushroom timer $12, connoisseur timer $16, chicken timer $7.99, egg timer $13.50, egg-shaped timer $12.99, hour glass timer $19.95]

[image above: clockwise from top left: martha stewart old-fashion timer $9.99, timey egg timer $3.50, fred-o-matic kitchen timer $16.50 (it whirs and plays music when time is up), timer with magnet $15, skakis timer $1.99]

[image above, clockwise from top left: wall clock with built-in timer $97, set of 2 (teapot and skillet) timers $14, retro timer $8, ladybug timer $18, kids' timer $10]

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It is fascinating the variety of timers there are; no one has to fear of having a timer that does not match their kitchen and kitchen-ware! I personally like the triple, chicken, and wall clock timers.


Badly done Grace. The Mr. Chin timer is not cute, it is not good design, it is simply very poor taste. Perhaps you should educate yourself on the history of this kind of imagery in American culture and its connection to both the legal and social humiliation of a marginalized minority community. This is very disappointing.


Just a note:

I’ve been doing reseach all morning on the Mr Chin Timer. I haven’t heard from anyone other than Sarah yet but I felt a litle uneasy with this one myself. I should have listened to my gut instinct and cut it out. My apologies to anyone who was offended.

I read several articles online and it seems that people are all over the board on whether these are offensive or not because they were created in conjunction with a Taiwanese museum. Either way, I think they’re certainly questionable so I’ve replaced them with another timer.


style court

I gave the ladybug timer to a toddler who is obsessed with ladybugs. Huge hit! Her mom uses it to time toy pick-up and teeth brushing. Little Claire even reminds mom each day to time her :)

katie e.

fyi, that kitchen tape timer is a real pain – i got one several months back and i’ve had luck with it being accurate and doing a poor job of ringing when the time is up at all. i’m glad to see this post because i’m definitely in the market for another timer!


Hi Grace. How about a wall calendar round-up. I’d love to see what you would come up with. Thanks much.


This is greeeattt!!!! I’ve been wanting to get a new timer and I never thought to look for cool ones. I love all the retro types myself. I’m definitely going to get one of these over an ordinary one now. :D


I have the little magnetic timer from Anthropologie (the first one, in yellow). The ring is REALLY quiet and short so you have to be in close range to hear it. It’s cute though!


From Speranza Design’s website:
“The Chin Family” designed by Stefano Giovannoni with Rumiko Takeda is the result of the collaboration between Alessi and the National Palace Museum of Taiwan which grew out of the museum’s wish to open itself yet further to the international scene, and to encourage greater awareness of Chinese history and culture in the West.

I don’t think there is anything offensive about these, as they were actually made to promote Asian culture, and it looks like someone just has a chip on there shoulder. You should still post these and let your readers see all of the designs that you think are interesting. Keep up the good work.


I’d like to see a placemat guide too if you are looking for suggestions.


You know, Sarah makes a good point. In and of itself, the Chin timer isn’t offensive. But considering the way Asians have historically been portrayed in American culture, and have been treated (WWII camps spring to mind) here, we should probably tread very lightly on this subject. I think Grace’s sensitive response was appropriate.

What a fun object for a roundup! I have a soft spot for these little mechancial objects. I need a new one, too. I like the shape, color AND price of the Skakis.


I am going to buy the Mr. Chin timer just to irritate Sarah and the rest of the PC police.



click on any of the links above to find the purchasing information for each timer ;)



i purchased the connoisseur timer recently and after one fall from the counter it won’t turn back on! oh well, time to find something with a magnet.


The wall clock with built-in timer $97, I have this one, the timer is removable and is fastened with a megnet, so while I use it I stick it on my fridge and when Im done I put it back and it looks great. I just love the retro look. I have the kitchen scale from the same brand (Bengt Ek Design) It’s a retro looking scale with scale measure on one side and a clock on the other. Its so beautiful.
I can’t se the scale when klicking on the product, but if you wait a second after seing the boy on the bathroom scale on the home page it will appear a few seconds later.

Tom Walters

My wife’s Model Kitchen Timer
#40000 finally died. She is heartbroken. You do not show it in your inventory. Perhaps you have one in your archives somewhere. Thanks. She would love you and me!


Great selection! Does anyone know if any of these is loud and/or a long-ring timer? Mine just broke,
(my granddaughter got hold of it!)
It had a loud ring that lasted 5 – 8 seconds, which is what I’d like to duplicate. Please advise.
Thanks so much.


I’m on the hunt for a very particular kitchen timer and I was wondering if you might know where I could find it… I’m looking for a timer that is shaped like an old fashioned alarm clock. I’ve seen them in movies, on TV and in layouts in Real Simple but can’t find the real thing anywhere. Any ideas? Thanks so much!

Disco Mom

This is awesome! I’ve been internet hunting all morning for the perfect timer for a wedding gift – now I have so many to choose from!

Patrick Van Roey

As I was a little bit frustrated searching for the characteristics of a modern kitchen timer, I ‘ve tried myself setting up The Musts and the Nice to Have. The musts : accuracy, visibility, electronic device, easy handling , sound and price. Than I’ ll will test them all in may 2010.

Mrs. Chin

I LOVE the Mr. Chin timers! They are so cute! anyone who can’t take a joke should not be looking at such adorable things. How in the HELL do you think a cute kitchen timer represents the treatment of asians in america???? BUY THE TIMER PEOPLE, AND STFU.

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