hannah allijn: producer/manufacturer needed

by Grace Bonney

hanna allijn‘s beautiful faceted curtain was first on d*s in 2005 and i’ve been anxiously awaiting it’s american release ever since. sadly i heard from hannah this weekend that due to problems with her producer she stopped production of the curtain and won’t be able to release it. her curtain is such a stunning piece of design that i couldn’t let it go without trying to see if anyone out there was interested in producing hannah’s curtain stateside or knew someone who might be. so, if anyone out there would like to work with hannah on her curtain production please drop her a line right here. you can find more information on her work right here.

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  • It looks like something Maharam might be interested in. I’d contact them if I was her…I hope she finds someone, it’s stunning and so different!

  • This is such an amazing idea, I can’t imagine why someone wouldn’t be interested in producing this…

    I’m eagerly waiting…

  • Im also a huge fan of Hanna´s faceted curtain. Actually I think its one of the most beautiful things that I´ve seen in designsponge. I was waiting to buy some as soon as they were released.
    Good luck Hanna and keep creating beautiful things. Mercedes R.

  • I think it’s very touching you’re trying to help her (somebody emailed me about your entry) but the garment industry is very insular and I doubt anyone will post sensitive information like that in a public forum (really really long story and for a lot of good reasons). I only know of one forum (fashion-incubator.com/phpbb) where you can get “manufacturer” referrals but it’s private. Btw, we don’t call them “manufacturers” although that is what they do. The garment industry -in spite of the public perception of progressiveness- is very archaic. If you don’t know the right names for things, you can google all day and night and never find a thing.

    From what I can see, the curtain construction is no big deal; it’s the pleating that’s tricky and that is easily rectified as long as she’s willing to cover the tooling costs. There’s also the option of doing it by hand and there’s houses in LA and Dallas that could probably handle it. That’s a fun pleating pattern, I’ve made a few patterns for those altho not lately. At worst, I know she could get the lengths pleated in China altho I personally wouldn’t want to deal with the hassle.

  • Why not ask Miyake, Pleats Please where they make their bags – seeing as this is a direct copy of their idea, the bags in question sell at the Moma store – so it’s not like no one has seen this idea!!! Why do you keep promoting this woman’s rip off curtains??

  • This is a brilliant and unforgettable piece of design. I hope some smart producer will step to the plate and hit this home run.

  • kathleen

    several artists have found manufacturers and producers through d*s posts like this, so i’m inclined to help out however i can. i’m hoping a large scale textile company like maharam or knoll will take note and give hannah a call.


    i take accusations of copying very seriously here so please provide some links or facts to back up your claim. i did a search for miyake and pleats please and couldn’t find anything that looked like a direct
    “rip off”.

    i also searched the moma store site and could not find the piece you’re referencing. i’d appreciate it if you could provide more information on the piece you think is being copied.


  • i think it’s absolutely wonderful how you try to help artists. keep it up and thank you.

  • Actually there are quite a few people in the Apparel Industry that will give manufacturing references . I have worked in the industry for many years and I have not found it to be as archaic as the earlier post form the other reader indicated. Ofcourse it depends on your approach.

    I would contact another Home Goods manufacturer in the states and request to speak to their sourcing manager. Explain your circumstances and they may be kind enough to lead you down a new path or give you a few names and numbers.

    One company I know of in particular is American Pacific Home based out of San Francisco. They also produce many curtains etc and would have excellent resources. perhaps.

    I think the help you get from others depends completely on your own attitude and gratitude.
    Any how don’t let negative thoughts stop you. Where there is a will there is a way !!!

    Best of Luck, they are really beautiful!

  • Someone has to step forward and manufacture these. I’ve been waiting and waiting! In charcoal gray please.

  • Love it! It reminds me of Alex’s bedspread in “A Clockwork Orange”. I’d try to find a screen grab but as it appears during a very NSFW scene I can’t hunt for it now. :)

  • kathleen,
    many people are more than willing to share information with other designers/artists/manufacturers… many people have emailed me to ask me where they could also have tote bags made (which is what i design and make) and i have happily helped out.
    d*s has proved for my husband and i to be a great place to not only share our designs, but network and also find new inspiration.
    p.s i started my own foray into the sourcing world by using google! now people go to me to find the sources.

  • I would agree that they look very similar to Issey Miyake’s Pleats Please. If not a copy then at least inspired by. My gf has had a Pleats Please bag for over three years now so maybe Hannah should ask Issey Miyake for help. There stuff is hard to find online, but the NYC or Tokyo store has them for sure.

  • Dear All,

    Thank you for your information for finding a manufacturer. But also for your words, who aren’t encourage me to give up.

    Thank you Grace,

    Merry Christmas, and a creative New Year to all!

    Hannah Allijn.

  • I just saw the bags in the window of Pleats Please in soho this weekend. gorgeous bags.

  • I love love love this piece. Hannah I can’t wait until its out there. I will be one of your first clients.

    And as for the accuser’s out there… its called geometry people. I’m sure I could find this pattern in several different places excluding Issey Miyake’s bag, nature has copied this a million times. Not to mention its a highly structural form that is dramatically different when materiality is brought into the quotient. If it were made of steel and rigid it would be called a truss.