weekly wrap up + biz lady notes

it’s been a chilly but fun week here in chicago- i just wanted to thank everyone who came out last night to the biz ladies meetup (we counted at least 150 ladies, yowza!) and all of our speakers, stephanie waddell of agnes and hoss, amy oliver from smith barney, abbe and caroline of jayson home and garden and the entire staff of jayson home for their generosity and help with pulling together the chicago meetup. for those of you in attendance, if you’d like to download the notes from my pr/marketing talk, you can find them right here. and last but definitely not least, a big, big thank you to stephanie and greg for hosting ac and me for the last two days. if you didn’t catch stephanie’s sneak peek earlier this year, i can now speak from experience that it is even more stunning in person. i’ll be back on monday with photos from chicago (including the vintage mccobb chair i bought at scout- yippee!). until then here’s a roundup of this week’s highlights. [photos above and below are the homes that got my official judge votes for the AT fall colors contest]




Thank you for sharing your marketing/PR talk with those of us unable to make the meetup in Chicago. It is wonderful to have a resource as sound as this!!


thanks so much for the organizing the meeting and coming out to chicago grace! it was so great to talk to all the speakers and here some great tips from fellow designers as well. so inspiring! come back in a warm month sometime. :)

pen and paper

Thank you thank you for posting your marketing notes. As a (very, very, very) novice seller I can feel pretty lost in the woods; your website is the well-proportioned, colorful bedrock beneath my feet. :)


I was digging through the entire site and noticed that on the contact page you guys have mentioned that the site hasn’t expanded to the fashion section and to be honest, I’m glad you guys hadn’t – at least not yet. I feel that when most sites do, they lose the integrity of what the site was first known as and it becomes I suppose, busier and more impersonal. There are other fashion sites out there and I’m sure they’re equally dedicated as you guys are with D*S. :)


to think that i studied and majored in PR at uni (college) and hated it with a passion and now i’m craving the kind of information in your excellent notes.
thanks heaps.


Oh I am so sad that I missed this meet-up and meeting you Grace!! I got really really sick on Wednesday night and actually had to go to the ER!

Glad to hear the meet up was a success and that you had a good visit in Chicago.