Red: Ork Posters

Rena turned me on the other day to Ork Posters, the brainchild of designer Jenny Beorkrem. Ork Posters is offering a new line of modern, typographic neighborhood posters, including the areas of Chicago, Brooklyn, Manhattan…and soon to be San Francisco and Boston. We LOVE these posters and are chomping at the bit till the San Francisco poster is finished.

ashley Goldberg

I ordered the Brooklyn one last week for our friend who just moved! I think they are WONDERFUL and can’t wait to get it!

And Lisa…awesome on the guest blogging. Between you and Grace I will be tempted to buy EVERYTHING mentioned this week :)


ooh! i thought they were only making new york and london — now i am totally stoked.

thanks for the post!


I love your site! I am redecorating my apartment and you are really helping me out..Keep up the good stuff!!