i’m so thrilled to finally post about jed crystal‘s new design venture- hepper: modern pet furniture for cats, dogs, and birds. i’ve been following jed’s work since he introduced his beautiful wire lamp at icff and have been anxiously awaiting the launch of his new pet line. i was immediately drawn to the cat beds (they also serve double duty as dog beds for small breeds) and their fun pink stands. considering that some similar high-design cat beds can run upwards of $350 i was happy to see a somewhat more reasonable price of $155. well, reasonable if you’re like me and don’t mind spoiling your pets every once in a while. you can check out the full collection right here and shop online. congrats to jed on the new venture!



These are wonderful! It would be great to know if the sherpa fleece lining comes out for washing. At $100+ I’d hate for it to be ruined the first time my cat gets a hairball.

Erin Lang Norris

I don’t have a cat but this is such a great concept! I can’t believe how reasonable the price is.

does anybody know anything about the couch in the background?


i think it is a very clean concept and looks great… but doesn’t it seem like the cat is at a BBQ??


Jed here, from Hepper….
Grace – so many thanks for the post! Kim – the lining doesn’t come out of these styles, but the bed parts pop off the frames and can easily be spot cleaned or gently washed in the sink.


Oh, and one more thing: a small treat for Design*Sponge readers: enter “HepperluvsDesignSponge” into the coupon code for Free Fedex Ground Shipping :)


LOVE ‘EM. My furry boys are going to love it. does it hold 17 pounds cats?
and the photos on the site are great.


Emma – We suggest up to 15 pounds to be safe, but we have some chunky kitties at home that fit great. The strength isn’t the issue – they’ll hold up to at least 50 pounds – it’s the size of the critter.

And for the couch questions – I’ll let you in on a secret: its fake. It’s a computer rendered background. (sorry!)


Great computer rendering NO DOUBT. Maybe it shoud be put into work as the first dog/cat only couch? maybe in miniature?

i most def will get the closed one for the boys. thanks!


Ooohhh, I am sooo proud of you Jed!
The site looks great. I can’t wait for the pets of the world to finally get to live the lives of style & comfort they so deserve. Thanks for sharing this with us Grace!


wow! love it. i have never seen such brilliant design in pet furniture. love the colors, the quality, the sleek design. now hepper just needs to start designing for our reptilian friends


i just bought their wave bed for my cat who deserves to be pampered after his teeth cleaning! AND, i used the free shipping code from above! it worked.