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diy wednesdays: appliqué pillows

by the curiosity shoppe

we’re big fans of typography. whether it’s on signs, in art, or in design, we can’t get enough of it. since we just got a new sofa, we thought we’d spruce it up with a little typographic pillow treatment. we love that every font has a distinct personality, so we chose a playful circus font for derek and an elegant script for lauren, which we cut out of felt and stitched onto two simple linen pillows. just click here or click “read more” below for the full instructions and more photos.

have fun!
derek and lauren


Here’s what you’ll need:

1 1/2 yards linen
Four 8″ x 10″ pieces of different colored wool felt (ultrasuede or vinyl would also work- any material that doesn’t fray when you cut it)
Two 18″ square pillow inserts
Sewing machine

1. Cut out linen pieces:
One 19″ square and two 19″ x 15″ pieces per pillow.
2. Find a font you like and print out templates from any design or word processing program on your computer. We printed two versions of each letter; one slightly larger than the other. Cut out paper templates with scissors.
3. Pin letters to felt and carefully cut out with scissors.
4. Line up one of your larger letters in the center of a 19″ square pillow front and pin. Machine or hand stitch letter in place.
5. Pin smaller letter on top of larger letter and stitch.
6. For pillow back, fold over one long (19″) edge on each of the two 19″ x 15″ pieces 1/2″, and press with a hot iron. Fold over again 1″ and press, then stitch along the edge with your sewing machine.
7. Pin back pieces to front piece with right sides together. Make sure to line up edges so the smaller back pieces overlap by about 6″.
8. Stitch around all four sides of pillow cover, and trim off excess material at corners before flipping it right-side out.
9. Insert pillow into cover, overlapping two back flaps.

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