chaise roundup

nothing helps get your mind of of losing a job like throwing yourself into a new project (thank you so much for all of your sweet thoughts yesterday, they meant more than you know). so i thought i’d compile a guide to chaises in between looking for jobs. next to credenzas, chaises are one of my favorite types of furniture. they’re so clean, elegant and somehow decadent- i love chaises upholstered in grey or caramel colored velvet or decked out with details like decorative woodwork. i’ve chosen over 60 of my favorites above and below, so i hope you’ll enjoy them. i’ve selected a wide range of chaises in a wide range of prices (which i’ve included whenever possible). also, it’s always great to check craigslist, ebay and 1stdibs for vintage chaises if you’re looking for a deal or something a bit more unique. don’t forget to click “read more” below or click here to see the full 60+ roundup.

[image above, clockwise from left to right: palumbo chaise at 1stdibs, rattan chaise at 1stdibs, vega chaise $1400, jasper chaise $1,000, leopard chaise $2495, chaise 327 $3578, vladimir kagan chaise at 1stdibs, kramfors chaise $570, eames la chaise $8430]


[image above, clockwise from left to right: pk24 chaise $11,732, mirror image chaise $3950, jasper chaise $1600, bertoia asymmetric chaise $4741, flipt chaise $3197, canne chaise $1299]


[image above, clockwise from left to right: delaney chaise $1905, karlstad chaise $399, cleopatra lounge $4600, karlskrona chaise $169, mvs chaise $2650, frame chaise by paola lenti]


[image above, clockwise from top left: georgica creek chaise at 1stdibs, earl chaise by mitchell gold and bob williams, elizabeth chaise $899, snap sofa by todd oldham]


[image above, clockwise from top left: annex chaise $599, camelback chaise $1815, antibodi chaise lounge $3757, erica chaise, mamello chaise $1998]

[image above: tufted chaise $699]

[image above: divine chaise lounge at ochre]

[image above, clockwise from top left: spoon lounge $2,000, ektorp chaise $399, lola chaise $648, le corbusier chaise $2415]

[image above: west elm chaise $799]

[image above, clockwise from top left: angie chaise, aalto chaise $5749, jackie chaise, kramfors chaise $699, vk chaise, mia chaise $1199]

[image above: cappellini raft chaise by david trubridge, $12,404. just for fun]

[image above: clockwise from top left: margaret chaise $679, ricki chaise $899, carlotta chaise $1099, troy chaise $799]

[image above: belle chaise $898]

[image above, clockwise from top left: chaise lounge at 1stdibs]

[image above: talia chaise $898]

[image above, clockwise from top left: cabana chaise $899, lancaster chaise $1905, hamra chaise $699]

[image above: line chaise $1433]

[image above: birch and cane chaise $1799]

[image above: bird chaise $3,003]

[image above: lost city arts chaise $4500]

[image above: charlotte chaise $4950. my personal favorite, upholstered in a nice soft linen]

[image above: napoleon chaise $3,800]

[image above: divine chair and stool from ochre. ok, this is cheating a bit but if you pushed them together they’d be pretty chaise-y]


Nothing, in the land of furniture, says “sexy” like chaises. This post is pure porn.


The Le Corbusier chaise will be my all-time classic…in the ubiquitous black leather – although I would not mind a lovely white leather version!


What perfect timing, Grace. My husband and I begin looking at chaises yesterday. You have pretty much done my work for me!

Miss Lo

Love the chaises, especially the ’80s style Bella (I’m a sucker for Seafoam green) and the over-the-top Birch-and-Cane.

I’m sorry they call them “chaise” now. I adored the victorian name of “fainting couch”


Im sooo glad I have met your blog! I will definitel make it as a fave.

Second, I am sooo happy you featured chaises, as I am looking to buy one. Thanks!


After going to the Biltmore Estates, I have to have a chaise in my bedroom. Divine!!! PS- I think the Vega Chaise Slipcover is $600, not the chaise itself.


Thanks for the wonderful round-up. I was psyched to learn that the old wire chaise my husband pulled from the dumpster a few months back is actually the Vladimir Kagan chaise you pictured. What a find!

Thanks again!


This is the best type pf seat in the house! I too, grew up calling them fainting couches. The one that I slept on in my grandmothers house will soon be mine. I also found one on the streets of Maine that I have reupholstered in a beautiful cut velvet damask. I think I might start a collection of them. They are beautiful.


Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I’ve been thinking about one of these lately for my office/guest bedroom. Have you ever seen a chaise that converts into a guest bed? Any ideas? Thanks!


wow. lovely! Thanks for the chaise round-up. :)

This also got me thinking about Karim Rashid’s Veuve Clicquot loveseat. So sexy!

Incidentally, I heard that Karim Rashid’s gonna be giving a lecture called Blurring Boundaries at the Singapore Design Festival. They’re also exhibiting his Veuve Clicquot loveseat! I’m really excited about it.

You can find out more about that event at


Does anyone know who manufactures the Birch and Cane Chaise – or one similar. I know Horchow carries it, but I’m trying to find out who makes it.

R Wenner

Don’t forget the IKEA’s limited edition PS August chase in pale wood & white leather–the look is hybrid Japanese – Scandinavian. . . .at first glimpse of it, I went weak in the knees with hopeless yearning until I got one, end of that season, for 70% off. (Proof of the existence of God!)