2007 gift guide: buy handmade

this week’s final guide is dedicated to handmade goods. after last year’s festival of affordable plastic do-dads (i was not so happy with my gift guides last year) i really felt the need to focus on different topics this time around- something that would highlight and celebrate artists making things with their hands and focusing on traditional crafts. so, in support and as part of etsy’s buy handmade pledge i decided to focus an entire guide on the subject. with this guide we’ve hit a total of 250+ gift ideas and we’ll have some more next week. i hope that you’ll find something in each one that’s right for someone you love. missed a guide? not to worry, they’re all archived right here (scroll down) for your browsing convenience. just click here for the full handmade guide, which continues way beyond (37 more products) the “jump”- enjoy!

[image above, clockwise from top left: sarah cihat rehabilitated plate (click through for stores), altiplano cushion $142, hand carved deer $448, handmade owls $66-$120, madeline weinrib zig zag rug $85, ceramic acorns by coe & waito $54-$66, forget-me-knot ring by kiel mead $190]

[image above, clockwise from top left: handmade fruit bowl $38, brown deer by clive and sunshine at cog & pearl $80, handmade glasses $100, skinny orchid $175, abigail percy sweet chesnut earrings $220+, karin eriksson tealight at lille $38]

[image above, clockwise from top left: judy ross pillow $205, stitchable journals by amh design $22 (hand-finish them yourself, fun!), wooden birds at moma store $78, aum tote $198, owls coasters $8.80, claw cat tree $84]

[image above, clockwise from top left: grow necklace at dejarnette $58, handmade bird calls $38, raw green key rack by yellow canoe $20, mr. and mrs. jones juicers $90, wooden briefcase $325, handmade onion stacking bowls (set of 4) $250, showpony vintage purse $16]

[image above, clockwise from top left: sukie notebook $12, letterpress card set $24, small bird vase by sara paloma $200, bird tile by xenia taler $35, cork wallet $44.95, auster vessel $199 at rose and radish, bronze titmouse sculptures at show lifestyle $100, ]

[image above: my pick for best gift almost every time, the card of the month society from maria at port2portpress. the handmade gift that keeps on giving year round. $140 for the full year.]


[image above, clockwise from top left: vespa mixed media artwork at artstream $175, plantforms pillow $78, sew forth and sew on pillow by pam wiley $200, anne black vases at peek keep $32 each]

[image above, clockwise from top left: colortheory laptop cover $15, jefdesigns silkscreened panel $150, emmi pillow $90, brenda rose artwork $40+, egg duo $40]

[image above: hand-painted bottles by laura normandin at rose and radish $72 each]

[image above: handmade felted wool trees by papaververt $62, via poppytalk’s gift guide]

[image: handmade chie mahara shoes at twig $150]

[image above: fabric covered push-pins by simplesong at etsy $3.00]

[image above: sparrow boat by jacqueline robins $85 at eci studio shop]

[image above: rabbit tile by xenia taler, click here for store locations or to order directly]

[image above: knitware bowl by alyssa ettinger $65]

[image above: hand silk-screened placemats from modern-twist $18]

[image above, left to right: rae dunn “pourer” $52, bubble roome soap $6]

[image above: heather palmer glass nest bowl at artstream studio $60]

[image above, left to right: Ornithoughtology print by anne klapfish of stonefish port clyde $42-$54, print by leigh wells $45]

[image above: pillows by om home at poppytalk handmade $80]

[image above: embroidered print by lisa solomon $75+]

[image above: sterling silver ring by colleen baran $44]

[image above: large steel leaf earrings by megan auman $80]

[image above: raven pouch by cedar seven at poppytalk handmade $20]

[image above, left to right: wegner print by jen renninger $25, hand-cut paper silhouette by pen and paper $25, barnwood images by rebecca tolk at modishoppe $20]

[image above, left to right: “chairs” print by swallowfield $18, diana fayt platter $520]

[image above: north bergen journal at orange lola $25]

[image above, left to right: chickadee brooch at the indie fixx shop $8]

[image above, left to right: branch zip tote $34 at three potato four, matt cipov print $18]


Thanks for putting together these lists! Can you tell me where to find the nesting bowls on the 4th set of photos? I think you missed that link. Thank you


Wow – all sorts of great new links to explore. Thanks for such a fantastic compilation.


Can you tell me where to find the nesting bowls in the 4th set of photos? I think you missed the link. Thanks, and thank you for putting together these lists!


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! I made the pledge to buy handmade this year and this guide helps tremendously!


Oh my word! This is so amazing…I am so proud of all of these artists and craftspeople for their superb work.


wow – amazing! you’ve done a wonderful job with this whole week of gift guides!


This is great. I’ve also made the pledge, making stuff myself and supporting other artists is the way to go. How about a “charitable” gift gude? Not sure if you’ve thought of any along that line but thats my other “pledge” along with the handmade, there are a lot of gifts that support great causes too.


Thank you for including a ring from my ‘Framework Series’ in this wonderful guide! I’m honored!

So many things listed here are my favourites. Too many to list!


Love Matt Cipov! I have one of his ltd edition prints. I’m glad to see him in the gift guide!


charitable ideas are coming up at 3pm today ;)

i have to run to an interview now- fingers crossed!


Angie Montreal

Hi Grace, thanks for educating everyone on the beauty of handmade, it’s really important. If more people supported artists, it would become a viable source of income, and the world would be full of more beautiful creations, and a lot more people would be happy because they are doing what they love, not stuck in jobs they hate.


Jennifer Sarkilahti

what a great list! thanks for highlighting handmade grace. i can attest to the beauty of the barnwood images, i recently bought two and they have a nice sculptural feel to them with the thick frames.


Thanks for mentioning Twig in the handmade! There are lots of handmade goodies at Twig. I can’t wait to get my Christmas shopping going with some of these ideas!

Uncle Beefy

Honestly Grace, what have you been doing with your time?! I doubt sleeping! OMG! These guides are spectacular…and spectacularly comprehensive. One intern?! Maybe you should call in the Army Corps of Engineers!? Thanks for all this HARD work for us to enjoy.


I love the Madeline Weinrib rugs. Does anyone know of a website that sells her rugs (other than the abitareshop.com? I love the one that is posted, but need it in a bigger size.
These are really fabulous ideas – only problem is that I want everything for myself!


thank you, thank you for these gift lists! I am going to order two 3-mo card of the month society memberships as hostess gifts for upcoming holiday seaason. A perfect gift.


great guide for handmade grace! thank you for including our artists, they are thrilled. there are so many beautiful things in this guide!


thanks so much for your kind comments everyone. i’m so glad you enjoyed the guide.

as for the madeline rugs, i dont know of anywhere that sells them online, but if you contact her showroom i believe you can order directly through them.


grace :)


hi guys

i realize that something has happened to this post and 15 slides seem to be missing . i don’t know how on earth this happened but i’m trying to fix it. so sorry.



whew! all fixed, thanks to the lovely kate at threesquaredesign.com who reminded me that wordpress saves the photos i upload. so all of the missing images are back up with the text again :)



thanks~ i knew i wanted to buy special, handmade items and this list makes it so easy!!


So many wonderful ideas! You’ve got an amazing sense of taste!

I loved the grow necklace, chairs print and painted bottles, for originality.


A word of warning about the bamboo fruit ring featured in the handmade gift guide. The ring that I received did not have a flat enough bottom to stand on its own; it just fell over onto its side when released. According to the retailer from whom I purchased it, this was not an isolated case. While they do look great, I don’t recommend purchasing one and sending it straight to the recipient. Rather, have it sent to yourself first so that you can verify the stability (and have a back-up plan in place just in case).