2007 gift guide: $100 and under

if you have a little extra change lying around or just want to buy something extra special for your friends and family, here is a roundup of fantastic gifts $100 and under. stay tuned tomorrow for handmade gifts and eco-friendly gifts!

[image above: clockwise from top left: hand hook $79, nomad architectural system $56, bosse brass figure $65, kivet tray $63, hau hauz clutch $70, owl letter holders $55, flying v shelves $100]

[image above: clockwise from top left: flax botanical chart $99.95, agate coasters $65, inside out champagne glasses $65, teapot $95, gingko tray $95, owl mobile $55, lomo camera $60]

[image above: clockwise from top left: wheels pillow $98, bird bowls $60, blossom wallpaper $88, best bubble box $60, nest salad plate $52, porcelain bottles $75]

[image above: clockwise from top left: garland light $90, tank u bud vase $90, birdhouse $75, cheese grater $75, egg flat $54, ceramic cups $70, black lace bowl $98]

[image above: log bowls $71]

[image above, left to right: porcelain coe and waito spoons $30-32, wooden usb sticks $91]

[image above: clockwise from top left: vinyl tablecloth $58, perfect combination tray $54, ivy panel $60, skylark tray $60, silver spoon brooch $40, dachshund lamp $59, tree hooked $79]

[image above: delight pendant lamp $89]

[image above, left to right: menu jewelry tree $56, alba clock $85]

[image above: float martini glasses $99]


I love that pendant light! It’s so ethereal!

Thanks for all these great guides. I linked to you in my blog today as a recommendation to my readers :)

Brian Everett

Anyone who pays $50 for that camera is crazy. You can find an original (not a remake) on Ebay or at garage sales anywhere from $5 to $20


These are great ideas – I have a number of them myself or have purchased for others. :)


If you’re looking for agate coasters, there ‘s a new geode store (?) called Stoned, on 5th Avenue in Park Slope, that sells them for $8-10 depending on the size.

Roberta Beyer

The people at MOMA may know something about art, but not about birds. The “birdhouse” is clearly a birdfeeder and couldn’t be lived in by a bird, BUT it IS a pretty birdfeeder.


Love that clock. It’s surprisingly difficult to find a well-designed alarm clock. Thank you Grace!


I love the bird nest plate. I saw those sold individually on ThreePotatoFour, which is nice if you don’t need a whole set of four.


They have the Inside Out Champagne Glasses at yousaytomayto.com for just $60!


hey, I didn’t know that you like Diana+ camera, too. I was in a dilemma choosing between Diana+ or Holga around a month ago, but at the end I chose Holga. But Diana+ is still on my list though, perhaps next year. :)