Welcome, Not Martha!

Hello, my name is Megan Reardon. I have a site called Not Martha where I write about things I make, and collect links to information I find inspiring or particularly useful. I have a small business selling knitting needle cases as The Organized Knitter which allows me to indulge in my interest in fabric and sewing. I live in Seattle where I spend my time saving money so I can buy the furniture I want from Velocity and Collective.

A big thanks to Grace for inviting me to be a Guest Blogger for the week. Happily I was able to grab the week before Halloween, which is one of my favorite holidays, so I’ll be showing you some things that have caught my eye this year. Also, I was thinking ahead to the Design*Sponge Biz Lady Meetup here in Seattle in February and decided it was a great opportunity to interview some women I know who own their own businesses. I’ve also put together some information about window films, they work great as a temporary window covering for renters and there are some very nice ones that have become available in the last year or so.


so very excited that a longtime favorite blogger is on designsponge and representing our city :) yay!