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Wall Hangings

Our house came with a big expanse of wall over the landing at the front door. Until we can afford some large and fabulous art I decided we needed something relatively inexpensive to fill the space and give it some depth. At 57 inches wide and about 80 inches tall this Marimekko Hetika wall hanging from CB2 worked nicely. Here is a thumbnail of what it looks like next to a photo of my front hallway:

CB2 has more Marimekko fabrics you can use with the hanging rail, each is about 57 inches wide, and vary in length. The Paaryna image of a single pear (shown above) in simple and whimsical. When hung on a colored wall the Tuuli decoration of tree branches gives the illusion of a large window. Ro is a bold image of a single leaf in black and white.

Lahde is a longer hanging which makes me think of an over sized water coloring.

In particular I love the hanging rails that CB2 carries, which are sold separately from the fabric wall hangings. The top rail has two loops to hang over nails or screws you put into the wall, two small holes for such a large decoration is something renters can appreciate. The rails come with instructions on how to sandwich the fabric so it’s held taut along the entire width and installation is fairly simple. The most difficult part of hanging ours was borrowing a ladder from friends.

You can find more Marimekko fabrics with large scale graphics, including Tuuli in black and white, at Textile Arts.

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That black-and-white Marimekko hanging looks perfect next to your blue door. Nice choice.

Seattle-specific comment: Have you been to Tuuli on First Avenue, by Pike Place Market? They sell Marimekko fabric by the yard, plus clothing and accessories. They also carry clothes and things by other Finnish designers — stuff I’ve never seen elsewhere. Definitely worth a look next time you’re down there.

Kim Wike

Wow these textiles are beautiful! Unfortunately a little to expensive for my pocket but I am inspired for new projects!


JvA – I have been to Tuuli at Pike Place Market but last time I was there they were not selling Marimekko fabrics. I’m very excited to hear it, thank you.


Angie – I hadn’t realized that Repro Depot’s selection of Marimekko fabrics had expanded so much, thanks for the note.


i’ve bought quite a few fabrics from textile arts and they’re great! i have a big marimekko wall hanging in the kitchen and another in our bedroom that functions somewhat as a headboard.

Angie Montreal

Megan – I’ve noticed lately they’ve really beefed up the selection. So exciting!

Great blogging by the way, I really appreciate the business aspect of it (I own a small shop in Mtl, and since we’re still very new still doing everything we can to get the word out to the people) The interviews are truly inspiring.


Question about the hanging rail.

If bought without these, what would be the alternative method in hanging these fabrics?

I ask this because I am halfway across the world, and wouldnt want to find out later that Ive bought something which could have been easily obtained locally. would save on shipping cost!

thanks! :)


Andri – If you have a sewing machine or are patient sewing by hand, you could simply turn the ends of the fabric under and sew a tube pocket into the top and bottom. Slip a dowel or narrow piece of wood that is about 58 inches long inside the top and bottom, and attach small hooks to either end of the top dowel to hang.

I like how tidy the hanging rail makes the fabric hanging appear, but if it’s prohibitively expensive to have shipped to you you certainly don’t need it.


i cannot figure out how to assemble the rail system…can someone please explain how to do this…mine did not come with instructions….


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