Sneak Peek: Sarah Blanchard

Sarah Blanchard is one half of the duo behind Home Girls furnishings in Austin Tx. Home Girls is one of those stores that makes you want to go home and re-do sections of your house,store, boat….whatever. They have a wonderful talent for finding unique vintage pieces and combining them to make a space just right. I am always so curious how the owners of wonderful stores like Home Girls choose to decorate their own homes. Sarah has let me in on that curiosity and you too. I think her house is charming, approachable, eclectic and as she says ” always changing”. If you travel to or live in Austin, Home Girls is a must spot to visit.


This is an old desk drawer. I love it!



m in austin

excellent! what a great store. i stopped by about 2 weeks ago, and the woman who works there, which i’m guessing is sarah, was putting the daybed in the first photo back together after it had been reupholstered. great sneak peek!

Nancy O

I have a couple of piece in my house from Homegirls and I love every single one of them! I just stopped by the store on Friday and they have some great new things in. It’s always changing. Her house is a great representaion of the store. What fantastic style!!


great stuff…also a huge fan of the drawer. now i’m going to pull a midnight raid on a high school.


I have never wanted to visit TX more! What great pieces, anyone know what kind of string chair that is!? Love it.


I love Homegirls and was excited to see Sarah’s house. (Her mother also works in the shop and is very sweet.) I want to know where she got the amazing white chair in the first photo. . . and if it ever heads back to the store for sale, I want to know!

Anna Human

Very creative! I love the desk drawer, hanging in the bathroom, cozy bedroom.


hee hee, never thought of posting the keep calm poster above the toilet. i guess it makes sense on some level. ;)


I just bought a number of new furnishings for our renovated house, and I found so many unique and beautiful pieces at Home Girls. They now have a whole new store full of products that make me want to re-do the house again!

Ashley Garmon

I love Home Girls! If anyone is looking for that perfect vintage piece or redecorating any room in their house, this is the store to visit. Sarah and her mom do such a fantastic job! Beware: it’s addictive!! The ladies are always getting in new (and old) things to be discovered.


Tanicia, Home Girls IS worth the trip to Austin alone, but more motivation is the equally awesome sushi restaurant next door.