sneak peek: samira gagne

i met designer samira gagne when she was still a student at pratt- her work really floored me, enough so that when i opened the d*s shop last year she was one of the first designers i went to about creating a piece. her trays were a massive hit and i see nothing but success in the future of this talented brooklyn artist. thankfully, i can now see the inside of her beautiful home, too! samira and her husband kapono chung (who created that incredible black and white mural above) were kind enough to share a sneak peek into their clinton hill home. you can view their photos above and below (and after the jump), along with a description of their home by samira below. thanks so much to samira and kapono for sharing with us.

“I live on the bottom floor of a brownstone in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn with my husband Kapono Chung. Kapono’s a graphic designer, you’ll see touches of his design work through the apartment (like the framed typeface he designed). Kapono painted the large black and white Moroccan mural on one of our living room walls. We found the painting of the cheetah on the side of the street, Kapono feel in love with it right away. It took a while but it’s totally grown on me. I love it because it’s so random and weird and a fabulous conversation piece. We also found the yellow armoire on the street. We painted it yellow (it used to be green) and replaced the hardware. This is one of my favorite areas of the house because it houses a large collection of our family photos. We found a pair of wire framed Eames chairs at a vintage furniture shop and reupholstered them with a black and white hounds tooth.”


samira 4

samira 5

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samira 6


Anna Spiro

Oh my goodness, that black and white geometric wallpaper is FABULOUS! I love what a bold statement it makes- gorgeous!



it’s actually a mural that samira’s husband made. crazy right? it looks incredible!



I cut bird images (that I found on the internet) out of red contact paper :)


John — Looks like blik to me!

You can find the birds here, although it looks like the red is a custom color.


John – I’m pretty sure that the red bird stencils are the fly pattern from blik. The red is available in the re-stik line.


Wow, I went to Pratt too and my apartment doesn’t look this cool. What an inspiration! I love how eclectic, yet pulled-together the look is. I love how the yellow tones in the tiger painting echo the chest below.



Your aprt. looks AMAZING! That mural, those houndstooth chairs, your bedroom!!! outtasight!
ps. I miss you guys SO much.


Wow Samira

What an awesome apt.
A great use of color and black & white.


Samira jooon:
As always, your vision is amazing. I can’t wait to see your designs and creations in even more fora. Love you and am so proud of you.


Woohwie, boy I would like to live there. Samira and Kapono really know how to integrate art in their daily life. Incredible.


Great interior work. I would like to know the artist who painted the Cheetah-Leopard painting. Is there any information on that?


It’s beautiful. But funny, of all the things that caught my eye, it was the kitchen backsplash. That’s just painted concrete, right? Ah, simple yet totally cool!


rh…you’re totally right about the kitchen backsplash. When we moved in, the whole kitchen was pink concrete… we immediately painted in dark brown.

danny alexander

hey samira–

it’s been a while! the house looks great! can’t wait to come back to brooklyn and see it in person someday!



hey! thats a really nice place! You have really done quite a lot since the last time I witnessed it. good job! but did you manage to stop those cats from poopin in your backyard?


I like how it all fits in together considering that they worked with and did with what they could find it looks like their possibilities are endless.


I’m loving that kitchen. Simple and chic while still a little rough around the edges- my favourite kind of kitchen.


Samira! Kapono! It was so wonderful to see you and your beautiful apt!

You guys have always turned everything you touch into gold!

love you guys!!!!

Nanci Aiken

Samira & Kapono – just got this from your Mom, Sam. GREAT design work, you two! I will forward this site to my daughter, Rana, who is missing NYC lots. She will love what you have done!

sabrina gagne

hi sammi, i love what you have done with your place, especially the brick in the living room.I noticed that picture of dad you had in the first picture, I might be redoing my room soon! I can’t wait to visit you and kapono. All my love Sabrina


OMG – That’s my girl! Why didn’t you say anything about this spot on you and your man. Love it, looks fantastic. If only Macys looked like this…. hmmm…


Sam, I see you’ve redecorated! Maybe I’ll send them that picture I have of the ceiling ;) jk!


awww sam!! you’re place looks fantastic! I can’t wait to see it in person one day!!! I’m incredibly impressed sweetie, keep up the good work!


Where can I buy her trays? I’ve wanted one since they sold out at the d*s shop last year



i’m not sure if samira is producing these trays anymore. but you can shoot her an email via her website to see if she’ll do a custom order.



Samira!! Long time no see.
Your apt looks amazing!
I love the colors and the walls…


hello! Do you know who makes the trellis wallpaper and the poppy-and-black fabric used on the accent pillows in the bedroom?