sneak peek: blake dollahite

i’ve been so thrilled to have alyson fox over on the guest blog this week. she’s already shared one incredible sneak peek this week and now she’s back with another. this one belongs to designer blake dollahite and gives us a glimpse into his beautiful modern farmhouse in austin. sneak peeks at d*s tend to have a pretty girly slant so blake’s is a welcome change- it’s so nice to see something modern, clean, comfortable and masculine (well, masculine to me at least). click here for the full post and be sure to follow alyson’s link to extra photos of blake’s home on his website.



That photo[installation?] in the first picture makes me want to scream with jealousy. That is unhealthy.
Back to work.


when messy dusty houses full of dog hair are the fashion, i’ll be first in line to offer a sneak peek.


The brass door pulls on that living room cabinet are the best ever. He has a seriously good eye for combining materials.


I love that white empty frame over the desk. Who made it and where can I get one?


This house is a few blocks away from mine. I walk my dogs past it all the time and watched as he did the landscaping. I adore it!


Hi all and thanks a lot for the kind words. Thanks to Aly for wanting to do it too. Yes, that resin frame is by Harry Allen. I think there’s a couple of other places you can get it too. Again, I really appreciate the comments.


Please do tell an alternative to the high, high prices of Harry Allen. Could you kindly suggest where else to find a gem frame like this? Fabulous find!


Blake’s house is great and I’m happy that Alyson shared it, and the story behind it. such a tremendous undertaking- such beautiful results.

I enjoyed Alyson’s posts this week


Wow, I checked out the website and the house is beautiful. Such a labor of love and attention to detail. I love how the overall effect is so restrained, but feels warm and cared-for. thanks so much for sharing!


I love this place, does anyone know who makes the stool in the corner of the first pic?


I really like the subtle color in the first picture. Who makes it and what is the name?


I love the office installation, specially the antique typewriter, magnificently in flow with everything else.