oh my cavalier

cav 1
i’m in philly right now but one of the perks of the new site is a feature called auto-posting- it allows me to set this up to publish while i’m communiting on the train, hooray! i just wanted to share these mixed media pieces from oh my cavalier quickly. the idea is simple, painting directly onto an antique tintype photo, but the result is so nice. i love the contrast of white on the antique paper. you can pick up these pieces right here for $30 and $45.

cav 2


too bad it doesn’t spell check for you! hehe JUST TEASING! I LOVE the layout of the new site! I also love these mixed media pieces! Have a wonderful time in Philly!


I dunno. It just seems so wrong to take photos of people (even if they’re long-since-dead) and do this to them. If someone did this to a photo of a relative of mine, I would be horrified :(

Uncle Beefy

Grace…I’m SO happy that you’re mentioning Julianna! Her work is SO wonderful! Have been a fan for awhile myself :)

Miss Lo

Love the pics, but I’m sorry to say they are “reminiscent” of the work of renowned mixed-media artist Lynn Whipple.
I admit to being an addict and owner of several “Ninnies”. Check her work out at http://www.whippleart.com/Lynn/gallery/ninnies.htm

She and her husband John are the mixed-media artists the others aspire to be. They will be showing at the ACC Baltimore show in February.