mirrored furniture roundup

one of the things people ask me the most is where to find great mirrored furniture. sadly the answer usually involves some pretty high prices, so i thought i’d do a little roundup of my favorite mirrored furniture in the market, from high to low. sadly there aren’t too many budget-friendly, stylish resources for mirrored furniture but i’ve done my best to include as many as possible. if you have any suggestions for great affordable mirrored furniture please feel free to add them below (and i’ll update them here with your credit). or, if you’re feeling handy, click here for a great DIY mirrored furniture tutorial from the diy network. just click “read more” for the full roundup.

[image above, clockwise from top left: art deco mirrored ball at 1stdibs.com, etched box $20, mirrored stool $119.99, mirror ball pendant $400, mirrored side table $79, metropolitan mirrored coffee table $1,500]


[image above, left to right: mirrored side table $950+, mirror pillar holder $69.95, mirrored lamp $149.99]

[image above: mirrored coffee table $449]

[image above, clockwise from top left: mimi mirrored chest $899, mirrored side table $1,475, mirrored sideboard at 1stdibs.com]

[image above: mirrored sideboard at graham and green $1,934]

[image above, left to right: mirrored dressing table $200, mirrored end table $200]

[image above, left to right: mirrored side table $249, cross-hatched mirrored chest $695]

[image above: judd-jules mirrored dining table by lwin design, price available upon request]

mirror 9
[image above, left to right: dorothy side table $446, dorris mirrored cupboard $1,330]

[image above: 50’s style mirrored desk $583]

mirror 12
[image above, just for a laugh: block mirror table $5,780 at moss]


Z Gallerie and Horchow both have PILES of fab mirrored furniture right now. Z gallerie’s is totally affordable — they have a new line thet is much better than the old overdone one.


Crazy! I have been searching for some mirrored side tables to use as nightstands in our bedroom. The Target ones Grace showed above are excellent {and affordable} as are the West Elm, but they are all too short or not wide enough! We are the unfortunate owners of a huge master bedroom and some of the tables are just too diminutive. Not a bad thing to be complaining about!

I found another at Target.com last night that I love, but we need two tables and are on a budget. At $300+ a piece, they just don’t seem like an option for us right now.

Cinema Side Table

It would be perfect for our room and is a great size.

Great post, Grace!


I absolutely love mirrored furniture!! What an amazing selection of items to peruse through.


LOL! I began looking for mirrored furniture today. Thanks for all the tips :-)

sherry 1

Ebay sells some nice stuff – the same as Horchow but cheaper. I’m tempted to place an order on a console, but haven’t done it yet.


Mirrored furniture is so wonderful! Only not many people can use it in their spaces or think they can use it in a modern space. I love to see them as vanity tables. So luxurious!

flea dell

bombay company, always overlooked, but has excellent mirrored peices. unfortunately they don’t do online anymore. there is a store on broadway.


Unfortunately I bought that cute mirrored stool (and the matching mirrored vanity) twice. The quality was just awful. I ended up with a great mirrored chest with the same lines from Bombay Co.


JC Penny’s website has a few mirrored furniture items. They have a super cute vanity for around $200.


You should know the side table at Target is on clearance! I think the tag said $68, so go grab it quickly!


I just bought the mirrored side table at Target for $25 in store – 75% off!


I just bought my mirrored chest from Bombay!!! I’m so excited :-)


Ok, I’m a nut. Thank you Grace. This site is very helpful. I am going to check out some of the links. ! :) Hopefully I will have some luck…..

meredith stewart

I love the mirrored furniture look. I have one vintage mirrored bedside table…I am desperately looking for mirrored knobs to dress up the side table on the other side. Any ideas????

jen b

Hi would love any help finding a large round mirrored dining table…thanks in advance

Dee Winfield

Pier 1 has an inexpensive line of mirrored furniture. including chest of drawers, vanity and stool, side table. However, one of the most exquisite , albeit expensive lines is Ercole. Simply the best. Tease yourself and check it out.


Thanks for giving us all the tips and sites you found they are just wonderful. I purchased 2 round mirrored side tables at target for 1/2 price $49.98 each. I’m considering the mirrored furnishings at Pier 1, and JCPenney’s, & West Elm.


Hi, im looking for a round venetian class coffee tables, hard to find. Can you help?


I am on the search for a mirrored, corner entry way chest or table. Has anyone seen something similar on line?


i’m looking for a mirrored lingerie dresser (taller and thinner than a regular chest of drawers). Want to spend less than $300 though; anyone know of anywhere I can find one?


I have a beautiful mirrored sideboard and display shelving attched above it. I am interested in selling it.


I just purchased a mirrored buffet from Horchow, but I would like to mix it with my dark wood furniture. I was thinking to purchased a venetian mirror but I would like that my ambiance to look very contemporary any recommendations for the mirror? any suggestions where can I find one that looks modern and chick?


Hi Grace, could you please tell me where I can find the Dorris mirrored cupboard above? Thanks.


do you think mirrored furniture is a fad? I’m an empty nester wanted to do a mirrored dresser in a guest bedroom, coupled with a brass and pewter iron bed. I also have an antique looking side chest from Horwchow (sort of an antique green look). Thoughts about the fadiness?

robin kabakow

I am looking for a mirrored dressing table/make up table with 2 draws on each side. The only ones I have found are form England. Any ideas?


Robin — is this along the lines of what you are looking for?

Does anyone have any suggestions for a great mirrored chest/dresser? I have been looking for one and haven’t been very successful.


I am looking for a mirrored bathroom vanity for my daughter’s room. I have found one from Bethel intl. but wanted something more glam. Any ideas?

Adrian Latham

This website has a massive choice of mirrored furniture and mirrored tables. Its the cheapest that I can find, take a look and you will be surprised at the selection and prices.

Deanna Adelman

please let me know how long it will take to receive the dorothy side table(2) and the 50’s style desk.
thank you,
deanna adelman


hi deanna

just to clarify- d*s is a daily blog, we don’t have any ties to the manufacturers or shops shown on the site. so if you’d like to order something you see on the site, please contact the company via the links included here.

grace :)


Looking for a mirrored bath vanity – saw one in horchow but don’t want the marble veneer top – can’t tell if the Josephine from Home Depot is the same – looks gray – any other websites for mirrored bath vanities?

marcy macie

I have a great large round mirrored table I would like to sell

kim little

Looking for the mirrored etagere’ that was sold in JC Penny’s catalog. Can anyone help?

Annie T

Marcy Macie…. I’m looking for a round mirrored dining table. can you give more info about the table you want to sell?


I am looking for a mirrored dining room table, either oval or rectangular. Do you have one? Or any help in finding one will be appreciated. Thanks!


There’s a furnuture company called convenience concepts that makes some very affordable glass & chrome pieces. Found them on amazon


Does anyone know where to find a crackled mirror dresser or tv stand or something that could serve as a tv stand??


I want a matching mirrored bedroom suite, I have been to many websitesbut don’t ever find marching pieces. Can anyone help me?

Cathy Mortensen

Great looking mirrored furniture. I’m looking for some night chests for a client. Love Z Gallerie and Horchows. Thanks for the post

Laura M

Loving this blog! I have a great mirrored bedside table and chair side table in my bedroom (thank-you TJMaxx) and I am looking for a console type table to sit over an antique trunk for the other side of the bed. Actually have found tons of stuff in Great Britain, but won’t ship here. Ebay has an option, but never sure of the quality. Thanks for all of the great suggestions posted so far! Anyone know of where you could find the awesome circle mirror chandelier at the top? :-)

Donnetta Daniels

Looking for a mirrored dining room table and a mirrored wardrobe. any ideas

Lourdes Rex

Laura M…you found mirrored furniture at TJ Maxx…WOW!!! what state are you in?


I saw mirrored furniture at Home Goods in Maryland. It’s a partnered store to TJ Maxx. I couldn’t believe that I missed it by a couple of hours. Anyways check out Tuesday Morning too.

Patricia Tousignant

Home goods does have some Which TJMaxx and Marshalls I think are all the same company. They carry lots of the same home goods. Pier one came out with two lines of furniture. One is etched the other plain. I am sure you can see online at Pier One

Sharon Woods

Looking for a wall mount mirrored tv cabinet. I saw this in Horchow about 2007-2008 I think it is furniture by Amelie. Do you know where I can find one or who makes it? It had 3 large X within mirror.

Liz Fortier

I found a great night table at Home Goods! It was $276 which is a steal! I looked around online and very similar ones go from $600-$850…

nathalie cachia

hi, i would like to know if you can deliever mirror furniture to Malta. as your furniture is amazing. thanks appreciate if you reply.


hi nathalie

this is a write up about furniture, we don’t sell any of the products listed on the site. please follow the links under each product to get info on the maker.



I am searching for a large (84″ x 44″ approx) mirrored dining table – saw one at Z Gallerie which I loved, but its round and too small – do they make them this large and anyone have any ideas? thanks


I purchased BDI’s Avion Series 8928 boxy-looking media center hoping that it would be easy for one of the good mirror/glass working companies in New York City to mirror. After getting little or no response from the Best of New York mirror workers (would there be some fear in taking the project considering the media cabinet I purchased), can anyone recommend someone/fabricator in New York or nearby who is good with mirrored furniture (able to fabricate something like the above Dorris Mirror Cupboard) and will respond? Thanks.

Yasmin Mitchell

I’m offering the Iris Mirrored scroll chest/night stand for the next 24 hours for $199!
A similar piece is sold at Neiman Marcus and Horchow for 3 times as much.


Glam Furniture is adding lots of fresh new mirrroed furniture styles! A nice spice up to their site! Bungalow 5, Arteriors, Bethel Mirrored furniture and some others I can’t remember them all!