i’ve always heard such incredible things about miette in san francisco. nearly everyone i know here tells me to visit each time i’m out west. so this time, when victoria and i stumbled upon the shop after lunch in hayes valley, i had to pop in.


if heaven had a candy store, its name would miette. from the second i walked into the shop i wanted to unpack and move in to live among the beautiful jars of lollypops, taffy and french violet candies (which are displayed on gorgeous vintage-style platters and cake stands). the interior was covered in beautiful floral wallpaper with pinks and soft butter yellows, complimented by light green molding and vintage pendant lamps. then to top it off they had lovely illustrations of women in dresses all over the shop. i just can’t say enough about this store, if you’re in the area it’s definitely worth popping in- for the eye candy or real candy. [there are many more photos after the jump, just hit “read more” to check them out. it’s such a gorgeous shop]




[more after the jump! just click “read more”]


[i don’t know which is cuter, victoria or the candy]







Oh my goodness.

If anyone can tell me anything about that wallpaper I will kiss them.

Uncle Beefy

Okay Miette makes me question myself a bit. Is it wrong that I almost tear up at the site of those apothecaries? Is this place real? If I had kids, I’d take them there all the time so they could reminisce about the wallpaper and fleur de sel caramels when they got older. Its magic!


This past summer I was in Hayes valley when I stumbled upon Miette. Being 8 months pregnant, this place was a dream come true. From the delicious treats that taste as good as they look and the wonderful people that work there, it is definitely heavenly- a place not to miss when in SFO.


i’ve heard of this place too,
but haven’t been there yet… next time i’m sf, i must!!

especially since it’s the name of the little girl from on of my favorite movies, the city of lost children. (meaning crumb)


as a san francisco resident, i feel i must inform you that there is another miette at the ferry building! this is the bakery portion and the delectables there are as delicious as the hayes valley store…so if you take a trip to the ferry building (and i recommend that you do), stop by the miette and try their amazing macarons.

jennifer in sf

It is real, and (if anything) more gorgeous than these pictures make it. I really have to stay away though, because I just end up buying a ton of sweets because they look so pretty!


wow! i want to know about the wallpaper too! It’s all FABULOUS: her scalloped edge stickers on those polka-dot bags, her jars look like barreveld, the wainscoting is gorgeous (all the trim), and the little gold hand place card holder… oooooh this made my day! I love the old scale too!

traci from persimmon paperie

oops, i hit the button too soon on my post. what i meant to say is if I was a frog, zee could kiss me!

the information about the wallpaper still stands however.
thank you!


I’m a SF native and I can’t say enough about Miette! The store that was mentioned that’s in the Ferry Building is wonderful. Everything is made with organic ingredients and is so delicious….If you’re looking for a spot to buy a special cake for someone, you must go.


The Tomboy Cake from Miette is one of the best cakes ever! I didn’t know they have a new shop in Hayes Valley I’ll have to check it out!


Traci, I don’t think your first comment (the one with wallpaper info I hopes!) worked. In the meantime, my lips will remain puckered in anticipation.

Victoria E

I haven’t had a chance to make it to their new location, but I live only a few blocks from their cupcake-filled outlet in the Ferry Plaza – swoon!

Julie in SF

I live right around the corner from this Miette, and it is absolutely as adorable as the pictures. I have a 2 year old daughter (who gets freebies every time from the oh-so-sweeet staff), so I have had to train her to walk by the front door while saying “maybe later we can go” otherwise we would both be turning into sugar plum fairies! Definitely worth the visit. It’s all that and more.


OMG I LOVE Miette. It is the perfect marriage of vintage sensibility and french flair. Two of my favorite categories whats not to love! yum. ^__^ I have always been inspired to do my future kitchen in such a fashion….but then theres the future husband…lol


I just painted my closet/dressing area pink and sewed a floral curtain in an attempt to make it look like Miette. It just feels so pretty and girly! Now if only I could find a painting like the woman’s portrait near the cash register…


Traci, thank you for the wallpaper info! I think I need to paper a room in my house with that. It’s so cute!


I have to jump on the bandwagon and say how much I love this post/Miette. It’s too cute! Everything is so well thought out–what great details.


This place looks incredible ! I am so surprised to see the pastilles Flavigny there ! The violette flavoured ones are my faves !How delightful it must be to treat yourself in this shop . And Miette , what a lovely name …Great great shots !


Is it wrong that I’m inordinately pleased with myself that I was their very first cotton candy (flavored with rose geranium) customer when they first opened? They don’t always have it, and it’s terribly fragile, but it is sublime (and the ladies are always very, very nice).


what a surprise! this is the sweetest thing to read – thank you guys for appreciating miette! it really really made my day to discover you.


I haven’t had anything from Miette’s bakery, but Bay Bread (main shop on Fillmore & Pine Sts.) is my favorite. Check it out next time you’re here, the neighborhood’s fun too.


please…please…someone find out about that wallpaper. Miette is an inspiration…everything is so cute!


Does anyone have any idea where to order current and older Osborne & Little Wallpapers? I would love some help!


kitty west

I adore Miette– so glad you captured it. The first time I went in, I just stood with my mouth ajar. It’s gorgeous to look at and smells divine. I took my best friend for Blue Bottle coffee nearby and then swung by Miette for inspiration. Brilliant.


oh wow! What a beautiful inspiration! I don’t want to live in the UK anymore, i want to live right next door to Miette!