matthew shlian

i’m a little sleepy this morning after a late night in philly for the biz ladies meetup. we had a fantastic time and it was great to meet so many talented designers- thank you to everyone who trekked over despite the bad weather. i’ll have more information on the meetup later today but for now i’m going to hit “snooze” and sleep for another hour. until then here’s a beautiful ball point pen drawing by artist matthew shlian, via dear ada.


Oh how I wish those were tiles! I thought for a second that I had found the backsplash tiles I’ve been looking for!


unbelievable, mind-blowing beauty!

and i agree with Michelle up there, this would look amazing as a tile!


WOW. his website is truly worth a visit. and don’t miss his statement – i sure wish i lived in the right location to take classes from him!