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kristina‘s column is just in time for weekend brunch: this week she’s got a fantastic recipe for crêpes from designer julia rothman. i have a massive design crush on julia (she and her partners at also designed the new d*s) so i was thrilled to catch a glimpse into her kitchen life. and of course, her illustrations of each step of the recipe are painfully cute. just click “more” to read kristina’s full post and view julia’s drawings for crêpes with fruit and nutella (i can smell the chocolate hazelnut goodness already).


Julia is a pattern designer and illustrator who has worked for a variety of clients from Playgirl magazine to My Little Pony. Her pattern designs will soon be used on products for Urban Outfitters, Hello! Lucky, and Land of Nod. (You can buy patterns or limited edition handmade items from her website right here) She is part of a three person design company called Also which creates websites, animations and print work for all different types of small companies. For fun she has a blog called Book by its Cover which features a new art book every day. She lives in Brooklyn with her boyfriend and pup.

Julia Rothman’s “My Favorite Crêpes” (with bananas, blueberries, and nutella)

Julia’s starting notes: “The ingredients have a very simple ratio that’s easy to memorize- 1:1¼: 2- that’s all you need to know. 1 cup flour, 1¼ cup milk, 2 eggs and you have crêpes. Generally I don’t cook. If I do- I like fast and easy so this recipe is perfect and you can add anything you want for the filling. (Inspired by Camilla and my lack of photography skills I decided to draw the steps instead of photographing them.)”

Here’s what you need:

1 cup flour (125g)
1 1/4 cup milk (300ml)
2 eggs
2 tablespoons of oil or melted butter. (30ml)
a pinch of salt
blueberries (you can use frozen if it is off season)
2 tablespoons sugar (30g)

Mix the flour, salt and milk. Beat in the eggs and add the oil or butter. Get your pan just hot enough to make a drop of water sizzle. If your pan isn’t non stick, add a drop of butter to it. Use a ladle to pour the batter into the pan. As fast as you can swirl the pan to make the batter into a circle. This is fun to master. These cook so fast. After about 20 seconds, you are ready to flip. Let that side cook and then you’re done. This recipe makes about 12-16 crêpes.

Smear some Nutella and slice up a banana and then roll it up. I’m sure everyone reading this has their own favorite filling but this is mine.

In a pot heat up a small container of blueberries and add two tablespoons of sugar. Let that cook until it’s made a nice sauce and then pour it over your crêpe. I love the color of the sauce. It’s really intense. Your plate will look very pretty when you’re done.

Julia says about her recipe: “When Kristina wrote me about contributing to this new feature I immediately thought of doing this recipe. My Also partners, Jenny and Matt, live in Chicago, so whenever we have a visit it’s sort of tradition to make crêpes for breakfast. Jenny and I have competitions over who can make the more perfect circular crêpe while our boyfriends roll their eyes.”

Compiled by Kristina of Three Layer Cake


These columns are so cool! I think I’m going to have to print them out and start a little d*s/three layer cake recipe book.


This recipe is adorable! I absolutely adore crepes.

Also, d*s, belated happy new website! It is alarmingly gorgeous :)


I’ll vouch for those crêpes. They are delicious. But keep your eyes on the blueberry sauce, it goes pretty quick when you’re eating group-style.

Jessica Jones

This is the most charmingly illustrated recipe I’ve ever seen. Julia Rothman, you’re amazing. This could be a recipe for boiling water, and I’d still be dying to make it because it looks so beautiful!


Julia is just crazy talented. And this little story of crepe making makes me want to make them right now!


oh my gosh! julia’s illustrations are just too cute – and so perfectly fitting of her recipe! -joy


I just love this – both the column and the crepes! Thanks for the Friday treat, Grace, Kristina, and Julia!


thanks guys. I had so much fun doing this. And I made enough crepes for every meal for two days.


how perfect are these? i have a date on sunday morning to make crepes at a friend’s home and so these came just in time!
thanks so much … i am totally loving this feature. (and the rest of the great stuff here of course!)


conviently i read this recipe in the morning time and tried it out on my toddler. it was easy and a big hit for her!! thanks!


this made such a lovely sunday brunch. we has some frozen cherries that went so well with the nutella. we also whipped some heavy cream and added in a little cinnamon, sugar and cloves. thank you.


oh my goodness . . . just made these last night and they were spectacular!! I may mix it up and add greek yogurt instead of Nutella for a healthier breakfast version! thanks so much for sharing!!!

Belinda Brown

Just whipped up these up in a jiffy! I’m now going to sit in bed and indulge! And the leftover crepes will feed my little hungry boys for breakfast in the morning! Love the easy recipe.


I just taught this recipe to a bunch of kids in my Paris themed camp. We used an electric crepe griddle. They turned out fabulous!