eames rocker giveaway!

thanks to one of my favorite shops, sparkability, this week d*s is giving away an eames-style modernica arm shell rocker to one lucky reader in need of some new seating! normally this classic rocking chair would set you back $350 but this week one of you will get one (with your choice of shell, wire and runner color) for free! want to win? just check out the details below and enter away [thanks to mark at sparkability to donating our eames rocker!]

the right chair can really make or break a room, so show us where you would put your eames chair. the living room? the nursery? extra front porch seating? send us a photo of your home and tell us where you’d place your new chair. along with sparkabilty, we’ll select the finalists and on friday everyone can vote for their favorite room. either way, it will be a great chance to see inside of reader homes and set someone up with a beautiful new chair! please note the entry rules and deadlines below:

  • each contest should email a photo (JPG, GIF or TIFF) of the spot in their home where they would place their new rocker (please send a photo and not a Flickr link). please place “EAMES ROCKER GIVEAWAY” in the subject line and send all emails to “designsponge [at] gmail [dot] com”
  • please do not send more than 3 photos with your entry, each person may enter only once.
  • all entries must be received by FRIDAY, OCTOBER 19TH AT 8AM.
  • finalists will be announced at on friday, october 19th, voting will be open through the following tuesday (october 23) at 8am.
  • the winner will be announced on WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 24.
  • please keep in mind that readers will be viewing photos so if you don’t want the public to view a portion of your home please do not include it in your photo submission. good luck!

awesome giveaway! i love this rocker + sparkability! my daughter would go crazy for an orange or pink.


uh i would just love one of those, i do have a mini version, but the real thing but be amazing. better go tidy up the house….



mark at sparkability said that he will cover shipping to canada.

international entries (outside of canada) are welcome but unfortunately shipping cannot be covered and the warranty is voided.



These are the most comfy chairs ever! I would love to have one in my mid-century house. Love your site Design*Sponge!


We should be careful to call this chair what it is – a rocker. While it may look like an Eames design, it is not a wholly sanctioned design and we should have respect for the original designers. The impolite term for that chair just might be ‘knock off’. We should wholly support the creation of fresh new designs, even when the designers are no longer with us, and calling this chair an Eames is really a slap in the face.

Chic and Charming

I’m going to have to arrive to work a little late tomorrow morning to catch the best light in my living room for these pictures!!! I’m so excited!

Gordon Johnston

Eames rockers are the most beautiful pieces of furniture ever made; gorgeous, witty & totally lovely.


Sweet! Although I believe these are knock offs of the original eames rocker, not sure what I should think about that!?


They aren’t knockoffs, per se. Modernica makes their chairs using the original Eames molds and the original materials. The officially licensed Herman Miller chairs are now made of nasty plastic instead of fiberglass.


Ironically, we had a kitchen table set like this when I grew up. Is this the same as the ones I grew up with? If so…I am so in. My best friend makes fun of them all the time and I would love to have a throw back rocker on my front porch just to “shame” her. I’m sending that email right now!

Anna @ D16

I’m with Shawn on this one, personally. I actually consider the Modernica-made chairs pictured above to be far truer to the original Eames design (in both color and material) than to the ones currently produced by Vitra for Herman Miller (which look like cheap plastic knockoffs in person, nothing at all like the beautiful fiberglass originals). It’s also worth noting that Modernica used to produce these chairs for Herman Miller! They no longer hold the license to use the Eames name, but the chairs didn’t suddenly become any less authentic when that happened. As Shawn pointed out, they are still using the same original Eames molds and the same beautiful fiberglass. I would never consider putting a Vitra-made, Herman Miller-licensed Eames chair in my home. I have several vintage (fiberglass) pieces, but I would buy from Modernica if I decided to add new pieces to my shell chair family.

Now, who get the money when these chairs are sold is another issue, but that’s the case when dealing with vintage chairs as well.

Mary Admasian

I would LOVE this wonderful rocker for my office space.
I hope that I’m the winner.
+ I’m a big Eames fan!

Anna @ D16

p.s. Sorry to rail on about this, but this post on AT generated some comments on the subject that concerned D*S readers might want to look over and consider.

p.p.s. This is a very tempting contest to enter! I wish I had a weekend between now and the deadline so I’d be able to shoot my entry photos in daylight.


Yay! So sending in the spot where I’ve been imaging this chair. Early christmas present??


ooooh. I can’t wait to see other peoples’ rooms. I have a work in progress living room I’m going to have to take some photos of early tomorrow morning. what a Great give-away!

Judy Heeney

They are soooo comfortable. I would have it in my living room. I bought one for $2.00 @ a garage sale but it broke. Hope I win!



may we send more than one room? can’t decide between bedroom and living room…


sure! as long as you don’t send more than 3 pictures. that’s the limit for everyone :)



Why flip out over whether it’s original, real or made of a certain material? It’s a FREE chair, it’s not like you won’t be getting your money’s worth or something.


Kathleen Kovach

I LOVE this chair! It’s a fabulous design and would look lovely in my newly re-designed living room

Fingers crossed!!


Thanks for having such great giveaways. I read the rules of having a picture attached. Is that valid ‘cos i don’t see any being published. However, i wish i win this cool rocker. It has a very trendy look. :)


Grace, I recently discovered your site (via Treehugger), and I love it. Thank you! I reposted the info on this groovy contest on my new blog…

Kelly Loyd

I have a new house with very little furniture in it. I’ve always loved Eames and would love to add this to my decor.

Blake Barakat

Drool drool PANT!!!!!!! I woke up this morning to look at it again and made it my background on my computer–me likey this chair-ALOT!


Beautiful rocker–and love the sparkability site too. Thanks!


i just sent in my entry. please please please let me be the winner ;-)


We’ve been debating over the two chairs for several months. I prefer to buy licensed products and have a DWR down the street. We decided against it because the pitch on the HM version is poor and the pastic looks cheap. But the modernica version has a better pitch/angle to the rocker and the fiberglass is really lovely.


My first babe, Penelope, is due TODAY and she would just LOVE a white Eames rocker to welcome her in to the world!!


So… excited… House finally cleaned and photographed — hope we win! I’ve been dying for this chair for months.

John Minne

Amazing. 4 days ago Michael told about his dream Eames rocker as we looked at pictures online. But his logical family budgeting means he has to wait. Then this contest arrives as his destiny. (That’s Michael Portman, put him in the finals.)

Jennifer Hawkes

My little men would love to sit and read stories with Mom in this chair.

shane corcoran

VOTE #4…the Corcoran Family!!! Are they related to Criss Angel or something??? Can they actually levitate?? Possibly they know Mary Poppins? I cant wait to see a photo from the Corcoran’s once they win the grand prize!! vote #4 for show!