eames hacking

i love a good hack, except that in design world hacks refer to furniture and not computer code. i love these eames hacks (in honor of the eames 100th anniversary) at notcot, via core77.



Where does it say something about status-busting?
This brought a smile to my day, I think it’s clever. The kid seat is pretty cute. Imagine if you have a nice “grown up” dining table it would be nice to have a designer kid seat that didn’t take away from the look of your dining area.

Jennifer Sergent

As the mother of two boys, I must say that while that “high chair” seat looks beautiful design-wise, it also seems like a torture device for the poor child pinned in there. The fact that the kid’s legs are jammed into those holes, so he can’t move at all, would send my boys howling in protest. The toilet seat is also pretty, but no child would sit and lounge on the toilet and make use of the backrest. They are too eager to lean forward and witness the result of their activity! I would say, for both these items, it’s form WAY before function.

stef in philly

That’s my son, McHale! Isn’t he a cutie. He just turned 2 yesterday and I cant wait to show him this post. I work at DWR in philly and wanted to attend your Philly ladies biz meeting last thursday evening but couldnt make it because he was sick! I was checking out the follow up you posted and noticed this. It made my day!


I completely agree with Jennifer. My daughter, who is 1, would not like to have her legs shoved in those two holes. Can’t say I blame her, though, I don’t think I’d like it either. But it is a much better highchair than the one we have sitting by our table!


whilst this post has brought a smile to my face – isn’t it thoroughly and wickedly sacreligous? clever, funny, cheeky and probably uncomfortable! love it.