credenza + sideboard guide

if i had to shop for one type of furniture for the rest of my life, it would probably be credenzas. or sideboards. or buffets. see, things get a little tricky with naming these days. i find that all three of these tend to refer to low-ish storage units. they often have closed storage and are wider rather than longer, but i’ve found most manufacturers and stores play around with the terms a lot. so i’ve decided to do a roundup of my favorite credenzas/sideboards/buffets (55 to be precise) on the market. some may do double duty as dressers or media storage, it’s really up to you how you use these long, low, lovely pieces of furniture. and, if you’re like me and prefer something old to something new (and usually a little bit more affordable) you can always try these sources for great vintage credenzas: ebay, craigslist, modhaus, surfing cowboys. i hope you enjoy the roundup, i’ve included prices whenever possible and tried to cover some more traditional pieces as well as our modern and mid-century modern fabs. be sure to click “read more” to view the full 55.

[image above, clockwise from top left: world block party credenza ($3,990), zanotta speed cabinet (9k splurge), simplon cabinet (3k plus), atlantico sideboard ($3195)]


[photo above, clockwise from top left: sussex credenza ($3,000), quovis credenza ($2160), eames unit ($1025), delano console]

[click “read more” for the full selection]

[image above, clockwise from top left: blu dot console ($1399), kast storage (9k splurge), tetra 4 ($3,200), claremont sideboard ($3,200+)]

[image above: bookcloth cabinet by union studio]


[image above, clockwise from top left: honeydrip credenza ($1880), bahut (9k splurge), jasper sideboard ($1299), wrongwoods sideboard ($7,500)]

[image above: moorish chest ($2,799)- works well as a sideboard]

[image above: clockwise from top left: self cabinet ($640 and up), mebel credenza ($3,670), modulicious hifi ($1099), white sideboard from design house stockholm]

[image above: modern storage console ($599)]

[image above: sophia 60 credenza by ohio design]

[image above: “horizontal container” by studio ilse]

[image above, clockwise from top left: signature 2.0 console ($1,900), media credenza ($4,000), grey design studio credenza ($4350), signature 1.0 console ($2,100)]

[image above: cell dresser by union studio]

[image above: ikea ps cabinet $99.99 and lucio console ($3100)]

[image above: siena dresser $3950]

[image above: clockwise from top left: true credenza ($399), torsby sideboard ($299), hudson sideboard ($350), true media console ($450)]

[image above: lax entertainment shelf $899]

[image above, clockwise from top left: drift console ($1499), sapporo ($820), bruklyn low dresser ($5,800)]

[image above, left to right: 5 cabinet credenza ($1299), bddw lake credenza]

[image above, clockwise from top left: ikea cabinet ($99.99), copenhagen credenza ($1,399), bonde sideboard ($359), knoll credenza ($5,500)]

[image above: ease sideboard $1,899]

[image above: clockwise from top left: modernlink melina dresser, reve dresser ($2,500), cork credenza ($2,500), crepax cabinet ($4,500)]


Lovely!!! I can’t decide if my TV’s new home should be Ikea’s Besta in White or WE’s Modern Storage Console…. Thanks for the guide :-)


Fantastic list!

We recently went through just about every one of these looking for a good sideboard for our dining room. We already have a large vintage Danish teak credenza in our living room, so we decided to change things up by going with the Ikea Torsby sideboard.

Great price, and no one who’s seen it guesses it comes from Ikea.


OOh, what a treasure trove of beauties Grace!! If I didn’t already have the credenza ‘bargain of the century’ already I would be sure to find something here…..but surely I can still look and maybe dream for ‘another’ room ;))

meg Ilasco

just saw the bbdw lake credenza in person: the pulls are so interesting. it’s just beautiful and well made. it’s on the top of my credenza list.


WOW WOW WOW! I just picked mine off the curb a few weeks ago, but this was serious eye candy for me.



what are the prices & links to the ones at the very top of this entry? i love the green and blue colors – would totally match my living room.



the info for the first photo is right below the intro paragraph. it starts with “world block party credenza”


yes, and it’s this blog ;)



Wow, this is exhaustive. I have to say, I like the West Elm and IKEA versions more than many of the high-priced ones.

I have a fetish for Danish modern credenzas. I keep one behind my headboard and use it as my “headstand” — my nightstand, but it’s behind the headboard, so it’s a headstand :)


I wonder what it says about me that I own variants of three pieces in this guide (Knoll, Eames, and of course the ubiquitous IKEA PS locker)?? I’m a credenza/sideboard freak, too. If I had more long walls in my house, there would be no end to my credenza-ing. They’re addictive!


What a fabulous selection – I have been a fan of the Sussex credenza for a very long time now.


This is wonderful. I have been credenza-obsessed for some time. Here’s a basic design question though. Can I put a credenza in front of a wall that has two windows? My partner says no. But it’s the only wall I have, and I’m in love… Anybody ever seen this?–look good, I mean. Thank you.



i think it depends on the space. if too much of the credenza blocks the window than it might look off. but if it’s only peeking over a it you can get away with it.



Great list! So which one would you buy for your current apartment?



GORGEOUS! I too love love love sideboards. They are essential for that modern home/apartment. Definitely had me drooling! :D


Wow. Thanks for the compilation. All 55 of them! Definitely gave me some nice ideas for redecorating my home. :)


Swoon…….! One of my favorite pieces of furniture, thanks!!!

Ronn Ives

Hi Grace,

I just thought I’d mention that my vintage modernist store always carries various credenzas, etc. in fine original condition. I’m proud of what I can offer.




Thanks, Grace! I just convinced my partner to rearrange the furniture. Now to find a credenza that’s four feet long.


great compilation grace! i will keep this in mind for whenever we need to get one. thanks!

Jay McMahon

LOL, I found a stacking chest last year with the same lines as the Sussex credenza…3 pieces, nitage ’49, for $120 at an area used furniture store. Refinished myself…$3000? Hopefully the link will show the results.

Jay McMahon

The Stacking chest I found. Three pieces same lines as the “Sussex Credenza” for $120, vintage ’49. Result of my refinishing on link. A bit under the $3000, lol.


Love this handy bit of info! Have been fighting a loosing battle with my boyf. He doesn’t like any of the ones I have found at antique shops… he might consider a new one though. Wish we had your selection here in south africa!!


I found these yesterday. I’m buying a house (primary res.) in France, so I hope at least one of these will be in my hands soon.

Mary Ann McDowell

What a great review of credenzas – have you found any that are less than 19-20 inches deep?

David Cruikshank

Pity you don’t live in UK, as this kind of furniture seems to have gone out of fashion here. There is a charity shop in Warrington in the north of England that gets lots of lovely items in. They have just sold a piece that looks like a Suffolk Credenza for about £100 UK.
I personally have a Victorian Credenza that was produced in Black, I am told, just after Albert died. I thought it was worth nothing.
Rgds David Cruikshank

Marisa Pope

You have saved my life. I’m opening a new office and needed a funky credenza, but spent a week online (every spare moment) and couldn’t find a thing – opened this up and the first thing I see is what I was looking for! My new office will sport world block parties throughout. Thank you!

Sue | Design

I just love these storage boxes not only do they add a bit of creativity to a place but the are added furniture as well as very useful places to store stuff I don’t know about any one else but that is something I never seem to have enough of.


I had no idea what to call this piece of furniture, but now I know, AND I know the names of all the coolest looking pieces. Kudos.


The BDDW credenzas are some of my absolute favorite pieces….but soooo expensive. Just specified one on a project – $14,500 …and that’s from the furniture dealer…not retail.


Does anyone know where one might get sliding door rails (tracks) for a credenza/side board? I was at Ikea and the torsby sideboard posted above has a PERFECT system for my project, but they do not sell it. You have to buy the whole piece. It is a rail/track that is inside the cabinet (recessed into the top) and the doors hang from it. A piece of angle and a single track in the center of the doors at the bottom keeps the doors from swinging. It really looks to be exactly what I need for a bathroom vanity project using an old cabinet from the 60s. Anyone??