bee raw

this weekend was my first official weekend as a scooter rider. ac took me out on the vespa both days this weekend and i think my mind is officially blown. not only did i get to wear a sparkly star helmet (the black version) all weekend, but this little black scooter has completely opened up the city for us. obviously nyc’s public transportation is fantastic but you can’t beat the thrill of scooting door to door and checking out some areas that are difficult to get to via subway or bus. we stuck to brooklyn this weekend (i’m not ready for the bridges yet) and on our way home we stopped at one of my favorite food shops, grab. for me, half the fun of products in specialty food shops is the packaging (i love good packaging). drawn in by the simple label and beautiful color of the product, i picked up a bottle of colorado star thistle honey by a company called bee raw. their simple glass jars and typeface let the beauty of the honey shine through, which for me is a big plus. fancy packaging is fun sometimes but something this pretty is too good to hide behind a cabinet (just look at the packaging for the speciality testing sets!). so now my jar is sitting on my cutting board ready for my morning biscuits. click here for more info on bee raw and to pick up a jar.




these re so cool, they look like little potions:)
Welcome to the scooter world ! i used to have one back in Italy, but in Dublin, it rains too much ..Grrr


Great stuff! I wish we had them in Greece too! Congrats on the new look, I had not been here for a while! Looks fantastic!


it is! i had it with my breakfast this morning.

it was also delicious on top of peanut butter with toast ;)



…okay, I need that helmet for my Vespa…it’s been sitting for at least 12 years..note to self…fix scooter! I’m gonna’ have to find that honey out here in LA…on toast! YUMMY!


That is so funny b/c I saw this same honey this wknd in Bierkraft on Fifth Ave and was remarking to my friend that everything in that store has incredible packaging! If you haven’t been, you must!

Uncle Beefy

The 9 varietal flight is ah-mazing! Uh, hello xmas gifts! I hear you about the packaging, Grace! Congrats on hitting the scooter! Braver than I…nevermind going over the bridges, I practically couldn’t even sit on the seat! (Some irrational fear of being that close to moving asphalt.) I admire your courage!


the flights are really gorgeous! i love the rawness of the wood mixed with the glass and all the natural, amber tones of the honey.


i love vespa scooters too! Always wished I had one… :)
Anyways, looove the honey packaging! wish we had them in Singapore too. :(


I love fresh honey- we have quite a bit here in Utah- but I love the packaging. It makes the product extra special!


Grace I just wanted to tell you that I think I spotted you and ac on the Vespa on Sunday! I saw a cute black Vespa speed by me on Vanderbilt and I noticed an equally cute star-spangled helmet. It must have been you guys. Seems like the perfect way to get around Brooklyn :)



oh my gosh, that was us! we took vanderbuilt to bedford on our way to williamsburg on sunday. too funny!

grace :)


wow. they’re like science experiments for accessorizing breakfast. yum! Thanks for this post!