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at home with: gwyneth paltrow

by Grace Bonney

i hate this about myself, but i tend to instantly have a grudge against people like gwyneth paltrow who seem to have an effortlessly perfect life. when ultimately, i’m really just jealous of her. and now that i’ve seen her house i’m really, really jealous. we were driving through amagansett last weekend after our trip to montauk and i thought to myself, “down one of these streets gwyneth is having dinner under her gorgeous tord boontje chandelier and being serenaded by the lead singer of coldplay”. she’s a lucky girl. house & garden shot her home this summer and some of the photos are available online right now (the full spread is in the november mag which is out now). i’m personally drooling over that white chandelier in the kitchen. i’d love to hang out in there and cook all day. and the pool isn’t half bad either. click here for the full tour.



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  • i know how you feel, but i can’t bring myself to admit being jealous. though i love her kitchen and the chucks on the floor… imagine what her full-time house in england’s like.

  • Dunno… it looks like every house in one of these magazines: sterile, and unlived in.

  • It does look sterile, it’s very rear that I see a home in the mag that wows me and on this blog, there have been cute homes, but not drool worthy.

  • I love the kitchen. Of course, it is mainly because I am partial to black cabinets. I wish mine was that big!

  • I dunno, I think if Gwyneth did the decor herself, which I strongly feel she
    didn’t then I would be jealous. If you
    have the dough then it’s easy to buy
    style and have all the glory too!

  • I have to agree that it does look sterile, but she probably spends only 2 months out of the year there or something. Who knows…maybe she needs a housesitter! hehe

  • I love the pink in the bedroom. It makes for it being very sexy but playful with the child-like step ladder in front of the bed. The chandelier and furnishings in the dining room are quite elegant while till looking comfy

  • o ok the A is for Apple that is a kids room with the “child-like” step ladder. It suddenly looses some of the appeal to me, because it looks too grown up and as though it stifles creativity and being playful.

  • Tina: I presume the pink bedroom is for the daughter (the letter on the pillow kind of gives it away)…so it is a bit disturbing if it comes across as sexy…

  • the white is lovely for the most part, but white carpet in a child’s room? as a former tomboy who tracked all kinds of things into my bedroom, i protest!

    per gwynnie, the decisions seem to be hers – on the H&G page she says, “I’ve become an encyclopedia of design for my friends.” humble as ever, that one!

  • Just a heads up to anyone interested; that Tord Boontje chandelier in the dining room is from Moss in SoHo. It comes in thre sizes and is definitly worth every penny!!

  • actually, I think it can be gorgeous to have a home that isn’t overdone. i like this a lot. and I’d say it is kid-friendly. her low sofas, upholstered dining chairs. a home doesn’t have to be done in primary colors to be kid friendly.

    actually…it could he her lack of clutter is due to her Apple’s wandering interests. maybe they did away with layers of decor to keep it more kid friendly.


  • To be honest, I resent the hell out of her. It’s not the fact that she appears to have this perfect life — with the Oscar and the perfect homes across the globe and the rock star husband and the beauty and the impecable style.

    It’s the fact that it all seems to have been handed to her on a silver platter, and that she doesn’t have a drop of humility about any of it.


  • Isn’t it kind of a given that the rich and famous would have fabulous homes? And Gwyneth Paltrow is no exception.

    I would much rather see your sneek peaks!

  • Ohhh! I love her house. It is fabulous, faulous! I love her apple trees and her Tord Boontje chandelier. That lamp twinkles and shines. I get to enjoy it every time I pop into the Moss shop. Wow, and her Pilates room = very enviable indeed.

  • Eh. That first picture is kind of nauseating me, actually. This home is not nearly what I’d chose if I had her dough.

  • I meant to add that I agree with Karen… I MUCH prefer your Sneak Peeks. Those are far more creative, too. G’s home is lovely, but there is a special something missing that I usually see in the Sneak Peeks. Not just the signs of life either!

  • Not to be snarky, but here’s what I hate about her (and I know it’s jealousy): She says she needed a big kitchen bcs she loves to cook blah blah blah. But I’m a nut, so I’m looking at the photos carefully — and those kitchen cabinets are 2/3rd empty.

    I know there was some dust-up with neighbors about her fence. I see this press and I assume it’s because she’s about to sell the place. Honestly, when I see any celeb showing off their house in a major mag, I assume it’s because their about to put it on the market and “published” raises price 10%

  • Oh i totally got jealous of her when I saw this article too. That Tord Boontje chandelier thing is insane. What I wouldn’t do for that!

  • Hm, I’m surprised to see this as her house. I don’t like it – it looks very much ‘designed’ and not ‘lived in’. It feels very impersonal. I know a few folks who only spend a few months a year in their Hamptons homes, but their houses have a warm feel to them. Perhaps it’s just not up my alley – I cook, I can’t do interior design if my life depended on it.

  • When she gets a BA/MA degree
    from Columbia and is as pretty as Sienna Miller or Natalie Portman or Angelina Jolie or Winona Ryder,
    I’ll be jealous!

  • I’m surprised Mr Coldplay is okay with having a primarily pink/periwinkle/baby blue house. I know my boy would protest till the death.
    As for empty cabinets in the kitchen, the woman has a ridiculous amount of space there. You can only fill it up with so much stuff.
    As for things being handed to Gwynnie on a silver platter, that’s not entire true. She dated Brad Pitt for all her fame and fortune. If I was so lucky…

  • with a small screen here at home, i scroll around alot on your new site, as it is much bigger than my screen…but well worth the effort! BEAUTIFUL! Congratulations Graceb

  • Mr. Coldplay may not be so bothered by this one rather feminine house. After all, when you have a choice of residences (in various locations to boot)… ! :)

  • Nah I think your life, and house, is much cooler than gwynnies!!! If I had to choose, I’d choose yours. I’m not a big fan of the whole pastels thing either ;)

  • I’d like to see what her house looked like before a prop stylist came in and made it lok so fabulous.
    Believe you me I’ve made rooms look like that but 90% of what they really own is off to the side & out of the frame of the photo.
    It’s all smoke and mirrors people!
    Very. very pretty though.

  • I like your house so much better. And I say that with the spirit of a Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. Bah, and I bet your husband’s singing makes you giggle so sweetly.

  • I’d take the homes of D*S’s featured Etsy artists over this house any day!

    This house is not about design, creativity, or invention – it is about shopping, conoisseurship, and good staging! Gwynnie’s fashion sensibilities are the same way. Affluence, taste, and privilege shouldn’t be confused for good design.

  • her home is very cool. i always admire the minimalist look… so different from my own!
    i’m sure i’d clutter it up right away! :) her home is beautiful and i just wish we could see more… i hear her home is one of the most valuable in the hamptons so you know this is like 10% of the fabulousness!!!

  • I will say I love Apple’s room
    because she picked it out
    herself and doesn’t think
    she’s Grace Kelly. hee

  • oh alright, I love it… it lacks those clever whimsical details that I usually like, but as a mom, an uncluttered house is a dream I can only… dream about.

    as for gwynnie (gag) I can’t help but like her because she actually does have talent and tries to live her life, but I’d like her more if she didn’t flaunt her wealth and charmed life at us.

  • I think Anne has said it, aside from the use of the word connoisseur, that hardly looks like a true connoisseur’s (if you wanted that style of art in the living room, would you be buying Warhol?) house to me. The place is nice looking but extremely flat, and without personality… rather looking like a HOTEL or a CATALOG.

  • I agree with tati. I heard about this site from a friend since I’m doing my kitchen/bathroom and it is an excellent site. Gwyneth Paltrow’s house is lovely, though
    I would never decorate that way.
    I do like the Warhol/Edie idea though of silver (in some areas).

  • mmm… that’s it. I couldn’t place it about GP’s house. I think it’s so pretty, has many of well-known elements & objects I so love… so why didn’t I love it? I don’t think it’s just because it’s lacking the “lived in look. I adore so many “”unlived looking” minimalistic interiors (despite my own non-ability to live that way). I see flat. Somehow souless. Tati hit the nail.. it simply fell flat.
    I’m not writing this b/c it’s D*S, but how I thought I would feel seeing Gwyneth’s place is I actullay felt seeing Grace’s sneak peek of her own place. I would ultimately want to hang out and relax at Grace’s place.

  • Right with you there, Tati! The naive art collection reveals she’s indeed not a connoisseur of art. Though I’ll give her full credit for being a connoisseur of shopping.

  • This is a beautiful home, however she is such a smug B I T C H I am annoyed that women like her have what they have. She had everything handed to her on a silver spoon, she put down women who work after having children, then went back to work herself and believes everyone should subscribe to her entitled life. I would love to have my children eat a healthy, organic diet. Do I have enough time/chefs to do it? NO. I’m sick of this woman’s self-entitled attitude when all she won was the sperm lottery.

  • I am a little disappointed by this. I guess I just pictured her as having a more eclectic or worldly style, something more layered and interesting. It does look like something she did herself, I’ll give her that. It’s so one dimensional the richness and beauty of her, no doubt, designer finishings just end up looking cheap. A lot of that might just be due to the white walls (which smack of rental property)and ceilings that just seem to whitewash the rest of the decor. I just can’t but assume that the property is new construction because there seems to be no architecture, no life to the rooms at all. On the brightside? Thats THE most lux hammock I have ever seen.

  • I think I enjoyed reading everyone’s comments on GP’s house more than looking at her house.

  • Heee! How can anyone be jealous of Gwynnie when she has to live with the sanctimonious borefest that is Chris Martin AND pretend to like his music?

    This is the house equivalent of her sugar pink Ralph Lauren Oscar dress…

  • I just don’t like her, never have. Never have undersood her appeal, if there is any. She is smug. She brags about her friends, her pedigree, her body, intelligence, sophistication, etc in print…not classy. This house seems very bleached out and a bit unappealing to me, a bit snotty yet devoid of real personality, just like it’s owner.

  • i agree with you squidface. also, i don’t understand her slam against “granny chic” in the artcle.

  • It’s very slick but pretty boring. I didn’t tear out any pages in the mag on this one. And what’s with all this jealousy, people? Just another reason why I think the tabloids are toxic – our culture is far too interested in the lives of celebrities, which keeps us from being concerned about the really important things happening to our world.

  • Huh. I just have to say: I’m an avid reader of design sponge because everyone seems so uplifting and positive and full of creativity and motivation… I’m so disappointed to see all the judgment of a celebrity whose real life we know nothing about… I wasn’t a huge fan of the interior either, but that doesn’t really validate her bashing…

  • Reading the comments here almost made the suffering of looking at her and her no-personality house worth it. What is up with the barefoot look in the cover? So fake casual when you know she was coiffed for hours. She bugs.

  • Call me crazy but I love Gwyneth and I think her house, albeit is a weekend house is pretty classy.

  • thats not all her stuff! I work for a home furnishing company and I personally sent her several of those items photographed!!

  • a few pieces of the home are fantastic. i really like her wallpaper selection and the whole stairwell set up. overall i think her style reflects class without being too exuberant. the lack of knickknacks in the home probably has more to do with photo-ops than anything.

    as for the whole thing about her showing off, i personally don’t see how that’s different from sneak peaks or all the glam houses on the cover of elle decor. let the girl be proud of her home.

  • i wouldn’t mind her if she didn’t come out and say how uncivilized americans were and how the english make better company.

    her house is too sterile – it just that, a house, not a home.

  • Hmm, it’s her summer house. One of her holiday houses, I think this means.
    Yeah, look, I can see she kinda seems to HAVE IT ALL, but it’s just a matter of what cards she’s been dealt. Some people are stuck in refugee camps, Gwynnie isn’t.
    Personally, I don’t like the interior. It seems sterile, unlived in, impersonal – just the kind of hotel-style interior I’d expect in a house designed by somoene else and not lived in very much. I think it’s a crime to have more than one house that you only visit for a few days a year. Let it out at low rent to some innercity kiddiekins who need a holiday, Gwyn, then I’ll respect ya!

  • I looked and looked through the whole mag and no ordering info…?…whats up w/ that? Seriously, this looks like a catalog and she looks like a blank souless model. Soooo…the perfect house for her. Dull dull dull and all surface.

    No bookshelves either.

  • Ha! Suz, I thought the exact same thing – “nice catalogue.”

    Nothing against GP, but the “seated pigeon toe” pose is awful.

  • “I’ve become an encyclopedia of design…”?? It’s time to hop down off that high horse, Gwyn.

    I have to agree with the majority of comments here- it’s nicely decorated, I guess, but so sparse and almost clinical feeling. The modern/traditional combo used here is pretty predictable, too. All in all- boring! Don’t quit your day job, Gwyneth.

  • I was very surprised to read these comments. I don’t consider my self to be this content person but I didn’t feel any jealousy against her at all. I thought her home was very pretty. But I’m very, very satisfied with my 60 m2 apartment that I have remodelled with my boyfriend with our bare hands. I don’t need to live an extravagant life in a huge house with pool (I have the sea). We don’t own a car, just bikes, but we own a boat and we travel. I don’t need more. I’m a student, have great friends and I’m more than happy to own my one bedroom apartment. Maybe it’s because I’m Swedish but no one I know is chasing that type of lifestyle.