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welcome to the new d*s!


i’m so thrilled to introduce you to the new design*sponge! i’ve been working all summer with the team at also design to update d*s in a way makes the site easier to navigate as well as a more accurate reflection of my current design aesthetic. i’m so thrilled with the results and hope you will be, too. i just wanted to thank jenny, julia and matt for all of their hard work on the site. thanks, guys!

the d*s sneak peek will be posted at 1:30 pm today but i wanted to give everyone a few hours to check out the new site and see how everything works. here are some details:

*categories: this was the biggest change on the site and required the most work. all 4,700 posts from the past 3 years have been put into several categories for more targeted browing. simply click on the “categories” button to your left and you can browse by furniture, lighting, ceramics, artwork and much, much more.

*new editors: stay tuned on wednesday and friday to meet the new members of the d*s team. there will be an incredibly talented husband and wife team posting a great modern DIY project every wednesday and one of my favorite bloggers writing about food in relation to our favorite indie designers. stay tuned!

*sneak peeks: sneak peeks have their own page that will be automatically updated each time a new sneak peek is posted. just click on “sneak peeks” on your left and you can browse all 60 homes.

*guides: guides have their own page now divided by city guides (stay tuned for the chicago guide on thursday!), product guides, gift guides and more. the letterpress guide is housed on the new site now so no there’s need to click back to the old version.

*event calendar: i’m so thrilled to have a place to list design related events like the biz lady meetups and design fairs. just click on the word “events” and you can browse by month. days written in red have a related event listed. (more after the jump below)

*guest blog: the guest blog is back! this year guest bloggers will take one week stints to share their thoughts with us. starting today: kim and jo from desire to inspire! when you click on the “guest blog” link above the main page will stay the same but the guest blog will in the center column with each post identified by author. no separate site- everything will be on the same page, hooray!

*job board: coming soon, i’ll be hosting a job board for the design community. we’ll list internships and jobs with a focus on independent companies.

*around the web: there’s a brand new column of eye candy to your left, right below the main menu tabs.

*”more”: finally, i’m able to prevent majorly long posts by having more content after the “jump”. so, if you see the words “more” in a post just click on those words to few additional photos and text.

*previous/next entries: when you reach the end of the page on d*s you’ll see a button for “previous entries” or “next entries”. so you can keep clicking as far forward or back as you like to view content. no more going to the archives to see posts from 2 weeks ago.

*rss: the d*s rss feed is in the top right hand corner. i had to cut a few features to focus on improving the overall content of the main site so unfortunately the newsletter had to go. but you can keep up with d*s via rss if you don’t want to visit the site daily.

*d*s shop: unfortunately, the d*s the shop will remain closed. i really want to focus on improving the quality of the site and the resources it offers so for now i’ve decided that the shop will remain closed. it was such a fun experiment but ultimately i want to focus on covering the best artists and shows, rather than selling them myself. i’ll be sure to let everyone know if things change.

*scholarship: this scholarship is going to be MUCH bigger this year so i’ll have new details on the prizes later this fall.

[rainbow striped pillows above by row pinto knitware]

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wow grace! this looks wonderful!!

looking forward to your sneak peek later on today. =)

Anna Spiro

Hi Grace, It’s 12.00 midnight here in Australia and I have sat up waiting for your new site to launch tonight. So far, I am very impressed!! I LOVE the new layout and overall I think the new look is just so fresh and exciting! Congratulations – what a relief it must be to have it all up and running!! You’ve done a fantastic job – I LOVE it!!!

Gary Payn

I really like the look and feel you have chosen for your site. I will be mailing through that list/pics tomorrow morning my time. :) Great site Grace!!



grace – it’s beautiful! great job and best of everything in the years to come! great great look~!


Congratulations! It looks absolutely amazing… I can’t wait to see the special sneak peek!


fantastic, grace! congratulations on all of everyone’s hard work. the site looks amazing! :)

erin lang norris/yellow canoe

WOW it looks great, Grace! Even better than I could have imagined! I’m really excited about the categories section and I’m stoked about the husband/wife team and the DIY Wednesday you speak of. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next. :)


congrats, the new site looks great! especially looking forward to the sneak peek into the d*s home!


Love the bulletin board look of the new design…every part looks very thoughtfully considered.


Grace….Congrats!! Its absolutely stunning! Thanks for all you do to brighten our lives and inspire us.

Cheers! xoxo


So stinkin’ pretty! And incredibly well-thought-out, and reflects you to a T. Every detail beautifully executed — the changing paper and fabric backgrounds, the ribbon (well it looks like ribbon) and the angled placement of different bits. It’s lovely all around. I even love the comment form.
Well done you!!


Hi Grace, It’s 10.15 pm here in Singapore. Congratulations!

p.s. The lace trim is a pretty embellishment.


I really love the new look…and now that it’s finally launched I hope you can relax a bit and enjoy it!


Congratulations Grace! The new site looks fantastic. Also does such beautiful work. Can’t wait to check out all your new features.


The new site looks great. Seems all your hard work has paid off. I’m off to explore and set your new site in my Fav.s. Congrats!


love it! looks AMAZING. congrats, grace! can’t wait to see your sneak peek.

lisa c

this looks amazing. truly. did you know i had a premonition this was going to happen the day before you announced it? weird. anyhow, so happy.
lisa congdon


Grace, what a wonderful way to start the week! My eyes lit up the moment I hit your new site. It’s so refreshing and inspiring. Thank you for letting us all be a part of it. XO


10:30pm in Singapore, and I LOVE this new look. Feels like a lovingly-curated scrapbook :) Congratulations!


it looks fabulous, so so beautiful. i really love the different structures and the so well-matched colours. great job!


Congrats on the wonderful website, Grace!
You {all} did a marvelous job.

I love-love-love the background… from now on I will go to the website instead of reading it on my Bloglines…


cheers from Amsterdam



Congratulations!!! The new site is wonderful, fresh, and fun!!! Can’t wait to see the d*s sneak peak!


WOW! Wonderful job! Thanks so much for this site! I read it everyday and love how it just gets better and better.


This is so lovely, and I am excited to see all the little design details. So pretty, thoughtful, and hip. Congratulations on a true win! All your hard work has definitely paid off.


I *love* the new site! Nice, clean, and simple. The colours are wonderful and like so many others, I love the background. Really great job!!


Congratulations, Grace! This looks amazing and I love the usability.


Wonderful wonderful wonderful!!! I love every element that has been used in the design of the page…Congratulations!! Much deserved…


There’s so much to love about this site — but if I can offer one bit of more negative feedback — I think all that slide-show action on the right (the photos changing) is too much. I find it really distracting and even migraine inducing. Maybe I haven’t played enough video games!


Ooohh Grace congratulations your new site is great and really easy to browse and find specific things. I love the design which so successfully reflects your passion for stationary and paper goods : )
Great work !


Thanks guys! So glad you like it.

I agree that the flash ads certainly aren’t the most calming thing. Unfortunately ads are necessary for me to keep the site running (to pay rent, pay our new editors, for for the redesign, etc.) but I’ll definitely see if I can find a way to either phase out flash ads or have a system that limits how “flashy” they are ;)



Grace ,
Félictations ! This is brilliant ! I love the little lace trim on the left…Looking forward your posts and the new features (weekly DIY and food blogging sound extremely exciting !).
Bravo ! Brava !


Congratulations Grace! Such a beautiful and smartly organised site. I remember your first site (or at least the first one I knew) using that Blogger template with those orange and green round cornered squares. Long live d*s!!!!


the re-design looks great! but what happen to all your links to other sites?! the d*s blogroll! my daily internet surfing depends on it!


I decided to do away with the blogroll because it became something of a sticky wicket. I got a few dozen requests to be added a day and rather than have a list that’s a mile long (that isn’t an accurate reflection of the sites I actually read frequently) I decided to support other sites but regularly linking to them in the main column and around the web column. Those links will generate more traffic anyway ;)


The Lab

Love the new site!

Don’t worry about the ads – they are WAY less obnoxious than some of the ‘blinking’ ads I’ve seen for t-shirt companies or moving vids on sites too. Just don’t get any ads that expand when you accidentally roll over them! Then I will revolt!


Enjoying the new site. I don’t know if I’m using the right word, but I like the informality of the new look. Seeing a few growing pains, but it promises to be the best ever.

Congratulations! I feel like I’m congratulating you on a new baby.


Absolutely beautiful!!! I’m excited to browse around today. :)

One issue, and it might just be me, the pages take a very long time to load 1-2 min. in some cases. I’m running Firefox on a Mac and I’ve never had issues with the site before.

Regardless of that though, it really looks wonderful. Congratulations!


oh congrats grace! the site looks fantastic and i love all the headings with the strip of tape across – nice touch! and it’s all very logical an organized! great job!


Your new website is so aesthetically pleasing! LOVE IT! I’m still thankful for the time you featured my artwork in the ‘Around the Web’ section on your old site. Keep up the wonderful work!


I’m such a dork. I literally ran to my computer this morning to check out the new site and let me say, I am not dissapointed! It looks FABULOUS! Congrtas Grace!

Laurel Denise

it looks FANTASTIC, grace!! congrats – i know you’ve been working so hard!

Gabriele from italy!

Congratulation It’s amazing!
I really Love it!
I read D*s every day from Italy and I foud it wonderfull!


LOVE the new site, Grace! I’m new to the design blog game but you have always been a source of inspiration for me. Your dedication to this site is truly inspiring. I have changed the link on my blog roll as well. Best of luck with everything.


It really does look amazing, Grace…very feminine, a bit handmade, totally d*sponge.

And with your first post I have found my latest obsession. Who makes those amazing striped pillows?


Looks great, Grace! Congrats! I’m so happy that the categories are so well organized, as I often finding myself searching thru old posts for a particular type of item.

I, too am having the same loading delays as HSP…also using Firefox on a Mac.


some negatives….it takes too long to load now – like way too long – i almost gave up trying to get to the page. (hopefully all my comments will be fixed though soon) – the too large pictures are often pixelated (just resizing of old ones, instead of the original files) and the big tabs in between each story all clunky and too big. simple was better. that said, the background and the top and side tabs are pretty – i think its just the general scrolling layout that needs work. good luck!

Anna @ D16

FYI, I’m having the same problem as HSP. Pages are taking anywhere from 2-5 minutes to load! This is happening in both Firefox and Safari on a Mac.


what a great design! reminds me a bit of hable. one thing- it takes quite a while to load…


Fantastic!! The lace on the left is lovely! (It’s taking a while for things to load for me as well… I’m figuring that it’ll get worked out.)


Wow, Grace, it looks amazing! I mean really, stunningly beautiful. It says a lot when the blog itself is as inspiring as the artists it features!


love it, it looks sooo good! the new structure is also great!… congratulations from lima, peru!


So pretty! I look forward to visiting your site each day, and could hardly wait for the launch this morning. Thanks for sharing all of your design finds and inspirations with us!


It’s GORGEOUS!! We love it.
Congratulations!! All our love to you and AC! ::::xox::::: M&A

Kathryn Hill


Congrats on the new site — it rocks!

Now go have a cocktail, you deserve it. Stop tweaking this site. It’s fine. :)

Kathryn – who understands that websites are never done …



I really feel like I have a great sense of your own design style after seeing this (and that’s before I even looked at the sneak peeks). It’s specific and unique without being overpowering to the content. Nice job!

Um… where are those pillows from? I want them!


congratulations on the new website.

ever since discovering your blog and keeping up with it, i’ve always thought it odd how it was organised and built with one blogspot page after another. this a such a huge makeover and it’s beautifully done.

congrats again! :)


what a wonderful new layout- love the emphasis on texture. very precious!


i’m a little late to the party but the site looks awesome! you and ac and the kids are so cute


congrats grace! i just managed to get onto internet in mexico today. it looks WONDERFUL! see you soon!

sonya jf barnett

simply lovely. Congrats on all that massively hard work. keep it up – you make the stressful days easier with a little bit of dreaminess to look at. Kudos to the web designers.


Your new D*S site is superb cool.

And I liked the idea of presenting your home & new website together!

Best Wishes

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