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for the last week or so i’ve been building two big guides for table lighting. ac and i have been trying to find a desk lamp we both approve of (we share our bedroom office space) so i’ve been shopping for a while now. i thought i’d compile some of my favorite into two guides: lamps grouped by style and lamps under or around $100. my favorites are grouped by style but because the price skewed a little high on those i figured it was only fair to create a slideshow of lighting that was cute but still affordable. you can click here to check out the budget lighting, here for the non-budget lighting and here to check out the home page for guides i’ve created so far (beds, bedding, desks, dining chairs, etc.) a guide to ceiling and floor lights is up next…


come clean

You guides are great! They have such great variety. I’m going to have to go shopping!


I’m looking for table lamps now and your guides are so helpful. Thank you! You have impeccable taste.


grace, we’ve had the larger version of nicholas furrow’s red light district lamp for about a year, and i must say – it’s my husband’s favorite thing in our whole apartment. the light is VERY red, so its utility as a desk lamp is kind of questionable, but as an atmospheric piece, yeow! it’s off the charts.

i think nicholas made a few green versions when he first started with the lamps (dave at the future perfect had a few), but there must have been fewer of those vintage shades – i haven’t seen that version in years. i bet those would be beautiful as well.


I’m confused – slide 9 seems to have 8 lamps and only 7 listed in the description.



hmm…slide number eight has eight lamps and eight sources, slide nine has seven lights and 5 descriptions because the little trio of mibo lamps is all a variation on one lamp- the link goes to the lamp with the different shade options. did you mean a different slide?



ah! you mean the affordable lighting guide.

slide number nine IS missing one, you’re right. so sorry, i’ll fix that next week when i go to the office. that piece is from target as well.


Cara | Sew Bettie

Thanks so much for this guide. The lamp without a lampshade next to my living room couch has been taunting me since I moved in 2 months ago.


I actually think that there are a lot of decently cute table lamps for not very much – I actually got a cute mini lamp for only $25 at Mxyplxyz or some other variation of those letters…

However, a floor lamp has taken me weeks and I still haven’t found one I really like.



yep! there are a couple shine lamps in the non-under $100 lamp slideshow :)



Can you tell me where I can find the last lamp on the first row of the in the second set of pics? The HG links are still down, otherwise I would just look myself.
X- Julia


nevermind… found it on DWR… why isn’t I can’t ever fall in love with a cheap lamp from Target? :-) Steak appetite on a hamburger budget.


can you tell me where your guides are now that houseandgarden is gone?



Hi Grace! Is there a new link for your table lamp guides? I’m on the hunt for on-a-budget apartment lighting. Thanks!



this guide was created for domino magazine when i was an editor there. conde nast owns the content so i can’t repost it here, but they closed domino’s website so now any links re-direct to architectural digest. sorry.



Can you please tell me where the lamp at the top, right hand side is from? The blue one with the green shade. Thanks!


Do you have a source for the first lamp on the left side of the first image? Looks perfect for my bedroom!


hi allison, the left top is an older shine home lamp, the bottom left is from agness & hoss



Hey Grace, all the links point to Architectural Digest, I can’t seem to find the lamps!


I just love the lamp that is tall, blue, and has the white drum shade with green patterning on it. WHere can i find this lamp? or even just the shade? thanks


Will you create an updated Table Lamp Guide? Will be so helpful! thanks


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