danish restaurants

i am crazy about this sneak peek. d*s reader (and fabulous kitchen designer) susan serra recently took a trip to denmark and before she left offered to take some photos for d*s. i mentioned that i have a real passion for restaurant design so she kindly offered to take some photos of gorgeous restaurant interiors in denmark. the results are right here in slideshow form (some of my favorites are above and below) along with details about each restaurant. the photos are really lovely- it’s like taking a quick day trip across the ocean to visit all of these beautiful spots. thanks again to susan for taking the time to share this with us. enjoy!

Marie in Denmark

Living in Denmark, I can see that I have to get out more!


Thanks for the mention! It was fun, and I’ve got to say, tasty, too (I only wish I ate at all of them!)


i *heart* denmark…and i want to go back so much! the danes are so skilled at creating modern spaces that are casual, welcoming and elegant. they also really understand how to light interiors. (i guess you have to in a part of the world that spends so much of the winter in darkness!)


Ilove the long rectangle table. My husband is working on my new design for me.


Another vote for that long table and the lovely artwork at the end. Lighting fixtures are soooo important aren’t they?!! Please dont tell me chandeliers are so 2006, please no.

Berlin Reified

Oh, these are fabulous! I’d love to do something similar for restaurants in Berlin – there are some gorgeous ones out there.


Just come for a visit from London. Interesting site. Hope to come back soon.

Steve E.

Linda Merrill

Great photos Susan! I love European restaurants, interesting to look at, yet low key and not at all pretentious. Thanks for posting this here, Grace!


WOW… as the daughter of a restaurant owner I can say this post is truly inspirational and amazing! We’re hoping to move my dad to a new space this winter, so I’m saving these for future reference when we redesign!

franki durbin

talk about an eclectic mix. I’m immediately hit by the many opportunities for large groups to dine together. very European. Very chic. I also love that the settings seem to be devoid of rules…each one is kind of a play place where something new could me mixed in easily. very nonconformist.

"Netta's Creations"

All of them are just beautiful! Love the styles, but in love with the lighted counter. You always have Beautiful and odd items to show. Keep up the great work.



I have to stop by again…d*s zeroed in on and selected the very best of the images. What occurs to me as I look at them again, in this good, concise format, is, the simplicity of the design is consistent throughout. It seems to me like the Danes let the architecture speak for itself, building on it in a natural, sometimes earthy, simple, and in a non serious way. It always feels relaxed and always interesting. I LOVE Scandinavian design!

Amy-erican in Denmark

I must know the details of these spots, I am dying to visit them for myself. Where is that information?


the information is under each slide in the slideshow. just click on “slideshow” above to see the details :)