d*s reader natalie hansen is one talented lady. she loved this ava green fabric from repro depot so much that she bought five yards of it and reupholstered her living room chair in- by herself! i’m not much of a seamstress (not one at all really) so i’m always in awe of anyone who can reupholster on their own- with such great results. i love seeing the diy talent out there- if you’ve done anything similar feel free to send it along! great work natalie!



What a gorgeous reinvention of that chair!
Here’s one I did .
i’m working on another one as practice before I tackle the couch!


thanks! I’m thinking about painting the wodd a glossy white, but haven’t decided yet. any thoughts?

erin scissorhands

wow, that’s amazing! i’ve been wanting to do something similar for awhile, but i always forget about it!

you know, it would be a lot of fun to go out and find old chairs that need reupholstering and bring them home to make them look great. then you could turn around and sell them :) i mean, for a person who has the time and resources.


i think the white would be awesome- it would be super graphic and punchy. but you could always do dream or even a soft pastel for something less “pow!” and graphic :)



also, i may be crazy but i think coral would look rad, too.



I love the chair and fair play Natalie for the work you have done, a friend of mine has just finished to reupholster 6 dining chairs and from the little i saw, it ain’t an easy job at all !
I love the patterns and the color is fantastic !

franki durbin

wow. natalie, you are welcome to reupholster my fine furnishings any day! I am truly impressed with your craftsmanship – and confidence!

nice finished product!


I am going to start my first upholstery project in the next month – any recommendations on what kind of staple gun I should look for? I am on a budget, so the cheaper, the better!


It looks great! I love the fabric and I agree with d*s, coral would look rad.


Oh wow that chair is PERFECT. My favorite colors… *GRABS IT* :) :) Awesome work!!!

Natalie Hansen

Thanks for all of the awesome feedback! I updated my blog to let other DIYrs know just how easy this was (but then again, I’m an artist and know how to stretch canvas). :) Please feel free to email me if you have any additional questions ! I’d love to help you out!


hi could you post a step by step guide along with your photos? would be SO great x


Hi, I hope you don’t mind but I borrowed this chair for my blog post on the perfect makeup table chair! I have linked to you as well as to Natalie, and do so with respect and a nod to your awesome sites.

Thanks! And come by my house some time, won’t cha?

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