the glass house

yesterday’s trip to the glass house was such an incredible experience. some days i have to pinch myself and remember that things like this are real. we got to stroll the grounds of philip johnson’s estate for about 90 minutes and check out the main glass house, the guest house, the art gallery (or the “kunst bunker” as he called it), the sculpture gallery and a super-modern structure called the “da monsta”. there were a handful of other buildings on the lot we weren’t able to see but what we did was incredible. i’ll be posting a full slideshow on monday but here’s a little sneak peek inside, pre-slideshow…


You are so lucky! I have been wanting to make that trip for a long time. Can’t wait to see the slideshow!

Calie Anderson, C.I.D.

I am so jealous. I have been wanting to go there. The photos are beautiful too.


you said it Cali, jealous I am too. I’ve want to see it since my college days.


I can’t believe you got to go there. I was just reading an article about this house, and how so many of these historic homes are being TORN DOWN to build McMansions. So sad – this is beautiful.


wow…so gorgeous..must be amazing to see something like that in person..


grace! repeating the above…that’s awesome that you got to check out PJ’s glass house…I’m definitely jealous…your pictures are gorgeous.

Caroline Armijo

Can’t wait to see your pictures. We tried to book a tour and they were sold out for the entire month of August and well into September. So happy you loved it.