katie muth

i love catching little glimpses into artists homes- sometimes you can really feel the same energy in their work that you see at home. today it’s katie muth‘s home we’re peeking into- i love all the colors in her home. thanks to katie for sharing! [you can click here for larger photos of katie’s home]


I am in love with that sofa. It reminds me of my grandfather’s house…in the best way possible!

Another Shade of Grey

Love this space. Everything seems touched by her hand. :)


what a wonderful eye for color! i love the living room walls with that cozy couch.


Grace – I just have to say how much I love the sneak peeks! and I love that they get their own page. kudos.

platinum blonde

i’m a big fan of hers…i love how cozy everything looks!!! definitely a space you can actually LIVE in and be HAPPY.


its absolutely beautiful, i just love the way each room has a different color, the green is my favorite and the duvet is so much fun !


THANK YOU for sneak peeks! i adore them and look forward to each one! i love how REAL they are. as much as i like getting inspired by magazines like domino or dwell…. even when they try to make a set looked ‘lived in’ its always too polished and forced. i like seeing real people’s homes and how they mix and match. a brilliant idea to post these as a regular feature!


I like the bed room and the living room. The color designs looks pretty nice.
Its really great, keep on going.


I love it! Very cute and cozy and creative.

What are those boxes in the living room? Hmm.

sleepy jellyfish

I am with you; I love to peek into people’s home too!
These are beautiful photos and all the rooms look so cozy! Thanks for sharing! : )


I loved her wall colours! and that black frame with b/w mounted pics! The umbrella(?) in the green coloured room was to die for& what an innovative headboard panel! Beautiful home!


I love what she had done on the boxes totally inspired me to re-invent something from the boxed

i like the color and design


wo0o0o0ow it is very nice … evry thing in this room is ausom