ms. martha

as much as i hate her tv show, i can’t get enough of martha stewart’s craft projects. during my search for bamboo chairs i somehow ended up at this page of martha’s site which details 6 different projects for used (bentwood) chairs. i love the long bench of chairs and the tall, leggy console table project- thought if any of you guys have something similar lying around this might be a fun weekend project. click here for the full post. [sorry for the light posting this week- i’m trying to plan out the biz lady nights and finish a new guide project (to post on monday). i’m also in the thick of the last harry potter which keeps tearing me away from the computer]


love those simple craft projects, and this one was fabulous! i want a team of designers following me around daily too!


wait until you see the craft room she has at her home in bedford, ny; it’s in the september issue.


Not usually a fan of Martha’s stuff (definitely an admirer of what she’s done for herself) but I just LOVE that table

Victoria E

Ah Martha – she may have turned crafting into a big business, but she still has some swank ideas.


haha…harry potter…I can totally understand where you’re coming from. It’s a great book! Enjoy it!


Martha does some interesting stuff…did you see she’s now added to the FLOR tile range? I have a FLOR rug, and its great…