feels like fall

despite the fact that we’re having a second air conditioner installed in our apt today, it’s starting to feel like fall in retail land. i’m loving these rich woven rugs at anthropologie- the whole store feels like autumn now and i’m really looking forward to being able to put on sweaters, open the windows and cook comfort food again. until then, i can just imagine winter show shoes laying on these rugs ($38 for each 2 x 3 ft. rug).


Those are all the things I love about fall too! Sweaters and jeans, apple cider, sleeping with the windows open.

I can’t wait either.

erin scissorhands

wow, what a steal those rugs are (for being anthropologie i mean)! i was thinking they’d be about $68! thanks for pointing these out, somehow i missed them the other day when i was browsing the site.


Anthropologie is too much. How do they get every damn thing right?

Love the brown and red next to each other. Very mid-October into November.

Yeah fall!

Michelle (Mitch)

oh how i LOVE LOVE LOVE Anthropologie. Fall sounds nice… the 101 degree heat in Missouri is KILLING me

Lyn Spataro

the sounds of leaves dancing on the sidewalk and apple picking! i am not quite ready to give up summer just yet, but i know that itch and it’s such a good one.


even if the rugs were $68 that would be a steal! I guess you gotta fit their target shopper description. ;)

Heather Moore

I like those rugs so much. I’ve not done it before, but I do have a book on How To Make A Rug. I can feel one coming on…
Have a great weekend,


the problem is, that if i go in there to buy a $38 rug, i come out with a $200 skirt. ;-)


Wow these rugs are lovely. I don’t think we have a store in the UK that sells these. I really love the red one. Fall colours are so inspiring. x x


like Deidre says, Anthropologie always gets it right. They are very tuned into their own unique style. If those rugs were from anyone else, I don’t know if I’d necessarily be impressed. I think a lot of what makes Anthropologie great is their ability to put things together that you’d never think of.

Karen Ross Smith

Every spring, I cannot imagine looking forward to fall….but every year I do! I can’t wait for sweaters, fuzzy scarfs, mashed potatoes, beef stew, warm bread, new blankets, socks out of the dryer and …yikes…even snow days. I love these rugs and hope to find one on my floor when I come home some fall day in the future.