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by Grace Bonney

this guide originally lived on house and garden’s website but i’ve moved it back to d*s in light of the magazine’s (and website) closing. i hope to update this with new beds as we go along…enjoy! if you need some beautiful bedding to go along with your bed click here to view the d*s bedding guide.

[image above: Icaro Bed, $2,800 at DWR.com]

[image above: When it comes to beds, my favorite style would be an upholstered frame with tufted headboard. I love the richness of the look and the comfort you get when leaning back to read a book. The next few slides will cover my favorite upholstered beds in the market, starting with these two: Restoration Hardware‘s Velvet Royalton Bed (Starting at $2,195) and West Elm‘s Quilted Wingback Headboard ($349-$559)- both elegant options if you’re looking for upholstered beds.

[image above: A selection of upholstered beds, clockwise from top left: Newport Headboard ($925 and up at WSHome.com), Terra Bed ($1,399 and up at PotteryBarn.com), Elise Bed ($4,136 at UnicaHome.com), Hudson Bed ($2,500 and up at Desiron.com), Ninin Bed ($7,250 and up at UnicaHome.com)]

[image above: Part of the charm of upholstered beds is the options you have when choosing the fabric. Two of my favorites are Restoration Hardware‘s Latham Bed (left, $1,795 and up) that comes in over 144 fabrics and Pottery Barn‘s Lewis Slipcovered Headboard ($299 and up). The Lewis Headboard also lets you choose from a group of solid, striped or toile fabrics.]

[image above: Daybeds can be an excellent solution for those of us who live with limited space. This Whitney Daybed from Pottery Barn ($899) has a trundle beneath for overnight guests.]

[image above: A selection of comfortable (and stylish) daybeds, clockwise from top left: Veranda Daybed ($699 at BrocadeHome.com), Lublin Daybed ($6,040 and up at 2modern.com), Whitney Daybed and Trundle ($899 at PotteryBarn.com), Priscilla Daybed ($699 at PotteryBarn.com), Oak Park Daybed ($499 at BallardDesigns.com), Lubi Daybed ($749 at CB2.com)]

[image above: Canopy and Four-poster beds are a wonderful way to make a dramatic (and romantic) statement in your bedroom. I’ve collected my favorites ranging from clean modern options (like this Turner Canopy bed -$2,495- from Restoration hardware) to more elegant models that beg to be draped with thin netting or silk]

[image above: When I was about seven years old, all I wanted was a sleigh bed. They seemed like such a whimsical shape for a bed and far more grownup than the twin I had at the time. Now that I’m grown I still love a classic sleigh shape, but with a more modern twist. Three of these beds are by designer Charles P. Rogers: Dream Sleigh Bed (top left) $1799 and up, Memphis Sleigh Bed (top right, $2,399) and The Paris Sleigh Bed ($1,499 and up). Last but not least is a super-modern style (bottom left) that combines the popular platform style with sleigh detailing. Available right here for $1,499]

[image above: Canopy and Four-poster beds, clockwise from top left: Hemnes Bed ($339 at Ikea-USA.com), Silhouette Canopy Bed ($499 and up at BrocadeHome.com), Elevada Daybed ($7390 at UnicaHome.com), Valentina Bed ($7,400 at MossOnline.com), Italian Campaign Canopy Bed ($1,250 and up at Anthropologie.com)]

[image above: Want to make a really dramatic statement? Try HivemindDesign’s Rune Bed made of solid poplar. Available at 2modern.com for $14,000.]

[image above: Low beds have been in vogue for a while now so I thought I’d group together some of my favorite designs: Ikea‘s Malm Bed (Bottom right: I own this one and it’s pretty decent for only $150), DWR’s Icaro Bed (Bottom left: at $2,600 it’s in my “dream bed” category) and Ohio Design‘s Christiane Bed ($950 and up).]

[image above: More low beds for the minimalists in the audience, clockwise from top left: Serena Queen Bed by Modernlink ($6,000 and up at 2modern.com), Case Study Fastback Bed ($1,550 and up at Modernica.net), Leggero Bed ($2,300 and up at DWR.com), Blu Dot’s Dodu Bed ($1,099 at BluDot.com).]

[image above: Beds with hidden storage can be a great way to reduce clutter and clear up space in your closet. West Elm‘s Storage Bed ($999 and up) comes with rich chocolate stain and six drawers for convenient under-bed storage.]

[image above: More great beds with storage, clockwise from top left: Blu Dot‘s Modulicious Bed ($1,699 and up), Store-It Bed ($599 and up at PBTeen.com), Dresser Storage Bed ($1,399 and up at PBTeen.com) and The Stratton Bed with Drawers ($1,599 and up at Pottery Barn).]

[image above: Last but not least, a few beds that are on my personal “one day” dream list: Anthropologie‘s bright red Chinoiserie Bed ($1,898 and up), Brocade Home‘s Hand Carved Bed ($1,699 and up- though I’d like to paint it a bright yellow) and PBTeen‘s white Lilac Bed ($699 and up).

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  • on slide 9 of the bed guide, there are six canopy beds pictured, but only five beds named. :)

  • eek! i’m so sorry- there’s also an entire slide missing (eegad!) so i’ll get that first thing in the morning when the office is open again.



  • design*sponge said…

    i’ve gone a bit guide crazy lately…….


    ya think? a bit A.D.D.

  • I’m dying to try a do-it-yourself upholstered headboard (for a queen sized bed). Any tips on good guides to follow for this type of project?


  • that lublin day bed is perfect in the spirit of the early moderns. minimal, functional, and just a wee bit clinical. all those early chaise longues were about promoting healthfulness. i love the little hideaway cubby hole for naptime reading. but $6000! egads.

  • The black and white bed cloth forces me to fall in love with itself.

    Design sponge, I just love your style. Our tastes are somehow quite similar.

    I’m from Turk�ye, by the way.
    Best wishes.

  • Great bed ideas…why does it seem like everything links to House and Garden’s website now.

  • kristin

    i link to HG whenever i’ve written or created content there. there have been 5 or so links to the site in the last few weeks which isn’t a very high percentage compared to the number of links on the site.


  • did you mention the tate bed at crate and barrel? unfortunately, it only comes in two stock colors now, but it’s cheaper than a lot of the beds here and super cozy…

  • on slide 12 there is a scrolly platform bed shown, but no details listed. i love it! where can i find it?

  • this is a wonderful resource! finding the perfect bedding is like finding the holy grail. thank you very much.

  • I had a momentary failure of impulse control and purchased two black Louis side tables from Anthropologie before buying a suitably matching bed frame (What? I couldn’t help myself. They were half-priced.) Anyhoo, now I need some bed frame suggestions. My long-limbed BF and I are looking for a king or California king frame. Our bedroom is a 15’x15′ light-filled space painted silvery blue-green and, with the exception of a victorian chandelier and a panoramic painting by Kozyanddan, is otherwise unfurnished. Can you help me?

  • Ruh roh, none of the House and Garden links are working! They are sending me to Domino’s website now, saying H&G is no longer being published…!

  • lynn

    in october i announced that sadly HG was closing. i’m rebuilding the guides i built for HG on d*s but it will take me a while. i hope to have them all up by Jan 10.


  • Some how I have not received my email’s on the design Spnnge posts since you went to this new site. I signed up again this and am happy to say it is great to receive your posts again. One question, will you have the guides built again soon?

  • mary

    i’m slowly rebuilding all of the HG guides on D*S, it’s just taking a bit of time because they are large guides ;)

    if you shoot me an email i’m happy to find any particular piece for you.


  • Thanks Grace. In particular I wanted to see the beds. I am looking for 2 possible choices. Steel four poster contemporary or an upholstered headboard with clean geometric lines. Keep up the good work.

  • Hi everybody. I saw a Bed on tv was and then in a magazine. It in in touch magazine, Samantha Harris home (from dancing with the star). I have gone crazy searching. Any Idea how I can find it? or can I scan it and post it somewhere?
    Thanks for any help!!!

  • Hi Everyone! I have been attempting delivery of a king size Turner natural cherry canopy since June. It is now two days away from September. There have been three shipments from the factory through a third party carrier and each shipment arrived at the carrier’s warehouse damaged but was not inspected until the day prior to shipment. I still love the look of this bed and am willing to try one more time, but if you order beware the potential of multiple mixups and delays. Restoration Hardware’s customer service contacts have been charming but the bed remains undelivered.

  • i, too, have been in search of a just right canopy bed (can’t be too froufrou for husband). i had considered the Turner from R. H. but not sure if it would look absurd in a bedroom with 8′ ceilings. the bed would be only 6″ away from ceiling. anyone care to give an opinion?

  • mark,
    room and board has two clean steel canopy models, “architecture” and “portica”. i think the ends are all one welded piece, so check your apt/hallway clearance.

    btw, can anyone speak to sleeping on a slatted bed (mattress only, no box spring)? does it feel the same?

  • mark and kelly,
    room & board has two clean steel canopy models, “architecture” and “portica”. i think each end is one welded piece, so check your apt/hallway clearances.

    btw, can anyone speak to sleeping on a slatted bed (mattress only, no box spring)? is it any different?

  • I probably shouldn’t share this in case $ falls out of the sky for me, but the Restoration Hardware Turner canopy bed that I am in LOVE with just got REALLY marked down – as in, $999 for the natural cherry (my pick) from $2500. And looks like R.H. has a 20% off sale going on right now. I swear I may sell my soft to get this and just sit on the floor, admiring my new canopy bed.

    Just thought I’d pass along to those w/ funds!

  • Hey everyone at d*s

    Now I know this guide is not newest of them but I always check your product guides first when looking for anything new and now I am in the market for a bed. I absolutely love the look of the bed on the product guides link from the full list of product guides but it doesn’t seem to be on the actual list. any help with where I could find this bed would be great!


    • hi jes

      sorry, which bed? if you drop me a line with the image i can try to help (designsponge at gmail dot com)

      grace :)

  • I am searching a metal platform bed . . . with 4 post canopy . . . like the Portica, but more feminine / organic . . . any advice? I saw one in a store one time that had the canopy pieces that looked like branches . . . but I can’t find it anywhere . . .