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i was tipped off by several readers that stephanie at agnes & hoss had a great home for the sneak peeks. thankfully stephanie was game and i’m thrilled to share a HUGE collection of photos from her home in chicago. i love all the little details in her home (the floral mini-mural in her bathroom is really lovely) and am so jealous of her backyard. a backyard? in a city? oh man, that’s the life. you can click here to view a full (37 photo) slideshow of stephanie’s home or scroll below to check out an abbreviated selection of my favorites. enjoy! [thanks stephanie]

[I would say that almost 60-70% of the furniture, and a lot of the decorative items, in our house come from antique stores, ebay, thrift shops, etc. As you know, there is so much great stuff out there to give new life to! And we spend a lot of time every summer with my family in Michigan where you can really find some great deals at off-the-beaten path antique stores. The large screen in our living room with the sock monkeys on it is a 1960s cubicle wall divider that we recovered with a Hella Jongerius fabric. The opposite side features a different section of the fabric so we can flip it around when we tire of one side. On the book shelves next to that panel are my grandpa’s antique Peanuts bobbleheads]

[The tea set on our dining room buffet was my mothers…I can’t get enough of those little feet]

[The foot stool in the living room is an antique camel saddle found in Maine.]

[The coffee table in our living room is an antique factory cart.]

[The images on the wall in our kitchen are from the “Chinese Propaganda Posters” wall calendar by Taschen.]

[The glass grapes hanging from the candelabra in our living room are from an early 1900s store display at Marshall Fields. ]


Beautiful!! I love Stephanie’s designs and her home is every bit as stunning as her textiles :)

So fun to get a sneak peek into this gorgeous home!


Love everything! So unique. Just a couple of questions. Where did you get the bedspread? Where in Michigan do you spend time?


What a great apartment! I live in Chicago too so it is nice to see local design featured. We just moved into a new place that needs a lot of decorating — a few of those photos are definitely going on my inspiration board.


Everything old is new again!!!

I have the teaset with the feet too. Only I bought it new 30 or so years ago!!!


i agree with abigail… lovely shots of a very cool home!


I love the wallpaper in the dining room. I wonder where this is from??? Does anyone know?


Thanks for the lovely comments everyone!
To the first “anonymous”, the bedspread is from West Elm, though its at least a year old so I’m not sure if it’s still available. To answer your second question – my family is in Grand Rapids and Grand Haven…so we spend a lot of time in both places, as well as on the roads between there and Chicago!


stephanie says the wallpaper is obsbourne and little :)



I’d love to see more of that sofa. I’m having a terrible time finding one that works with a similarly eclectic style.


I love that teapot and i wondered if you could tell me who made the set? It’s fantastic and I haven’t seen anything like that before. My mom collects teapots and I’d love to look for a set like this. Thank!


Hey Guys,
The tea set is part of a collection called Walking Ware and its by and English company called Carlton Ware. You can find pieces on Ebay, but I’ve noticed that most are coming from the UK or Australia. Carlton did a lot of collections like this but I think the ones with the short legs and mary jane shoes were the first they released. The couch is Jonathan Adler’s Lampert sofa! Thanks!


Yay Chicago! I love this apartment, the rich colors & eclectic assemblage of objects are just my taste.

I too am jealous of the backyard. I love my gigantic Chicago apartment but mine has no outdoor space. :(


wow. could you please tell us what color paint is in the bathroom?


It’s not unusual to have a backyard in Chicago, they are usually just kind of small compared to your suburban non-mcmansion backyard. Our lots are 100 or 150 ft. by 25 ft. or so.


Stephanie~~There is a plate with feet and egg cups also. I have those to complete my set. Not sure if there were other items.


Wow! I want to hang out at this house. It is amazing.

Thanks for sharing.


i would like to know about that art on the wall above the bed, is that an octopus in there? who’s art is it?


can anyone tell me who makes the wallpaper in the dining room? i am in love with it!



the wallpaper info is in a previous comment above :)



can you tell me where you got the factory cart? have been looking fr one for a while. yours looks great


I am looking for an antique factory cart to be used as a coffee table like the one you have…can you recommend where I can get one? it is gorgeous!!

Julia Michell

Hi there! Lustre Pottery made the original Walking Ware teaset and the Carlton Ware factory in England manufactured it. Lustre Pottery are in France now and make the occasional teaset still – please email us for details!

Michael Gamotis1

I am also looking for an antique factory cart but having a hard time finding one. I would greatly appreciate any advice!

Michael Gamotis

I found two FACTORY CARTs one of them I am keeping as a COFFEE TABLE the other is for sale. They are both in excellent condition and I got them today! I will sell it at a fair price. email me at if want to see a picture.

George Tarmy

Hi, not sure if anyone will still be reading these posts- I’ve just refurbished 3 really nice antique factory cart coffee tables, all of which are for sale. If you’re interested, get in contact with me at and I can send pictures, etc.


John Milton

I have a few of the factory carts which I saved from an old lumber yard. I refurbished one and the others have been only cleaned. I also have some old foundry patterns. Contact me if you wish. John