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i’ve been so inspired by all of the ideas i’ve heard from readers after the kitchen post. d*s reader katya usvitsky sent over these shots of some of her own kitchen diy and reupholstery diy. i love the way she used branches as towel bars- it’s such a nice, soft touch. always fun to see people taking design into their own hands…


If anyone is interested in the dishtowel hanging on the branch towel bar, it is from the company that I design for, tag (trade associates group) Just thought I would let you know.


girl meets glamour

That branch “towel bar” is just so fun. Great post!


I’ve been watching close this “real homes theme” because for me this is one of the most important things – i mean, i love design but i prefer it when it is real!! in a more humble way, I also do some “furniture pimping” around here, and the chairs you have been showing lately reminded me of my office chair I re-did…:) The difference is my chair didn’t have any carisma at all – just a plain black plastic/fabric office chair, but I think I solved it quite well…


love it. It brings such a “natural” feeling indoors.


where did the amazing soap bottle come from?!?!


Bottle ($1.99 I believe) came from hardware store in Hell’s Kitchen, on the corner of 52nd and 9th Ave. I try to keep an eye out for amazing “none design” items at bodegas.

- Katya

P.S. Thanks to everyone for their thoughtful comments and complements