amy butler diy

with all the reupholstery talk going around this week i’ve been receiving some great emails about reader diy projects- especially those with amy butler fabrics. d*s reader isla (who works at pacific home in honolulu) sent over this picture of a $14.99 goodwill chair she repainted and reupholstered in amy butler’s “pods” fabric. between the savings on the chair and the affordability of amy’s fabrics this was one heck of a steal. great work, isla and thanks for sharing.


Hi – I love the chair + the fabric just don’t love them together…sorry to be negative but in my opinion it is too busy + the fabric takes away rather than enhances the chair.


I agree anon, the two separate are great, but together……it’s a bit unfortunate. Perhaps, a multi-colored Amy Butler fabric with hints of “the purple” would work if going for that touch of whimsy.


I like the purple. We can’t all be beige and white people.



I love it,you’ve got what it takes,we’ll be seeing more of you and I look forward to your next creation!!


i love it, i think that both the fabric and the chair have such a whimsy to them that they go well together. it may not be expected but thats what i love about it!