pancake & franks

today’s sneak peek belongs to the san francisco apartment of letterpress designer stacy pancake of pancake and franks. i’ve had the pleasure of seeing stacy’s house in person and it’s even lovelier in real life. here is a description in stacy’s words:

“My dining room is my favorite room in the whole apartment. I love the light grey walls and the dark grey Arne Jacobsen lamp with my butter yellow Eames chairs. The colors were not planned but
are meant to be together. My bedroom colors were a little more challenging as my landlord asked me not to paint over the existing green walls. I’m not much of a green girl but when I opened up the window there was a huge Japanese Maple outside changing colors so I decided to incorporate the colors from the leaves into the room. I pulled in the red Danish chair and began to appreciate the green.”


Oh no, just two pics! I love it and want to see more :)
What is on the wall under the tiled counter adjacent to the dining table? Is it wallpaper or posters or some kind of map?
Also, although Stacy says she didn’t love the blue-green in her bedroom at first I always like the look of red paired with turquoise-y colors.


Is there some way I can get the name of that light gray paint? That is the exact color I have been looking for.


I’ve bought Pancake and Franks’ letterpress cards before. I see that Stacy’s apartment is just as gorgeous as her cards.


I also would love to see more pictures…it looks so darling. The hardwood floors are beautiful too.


such a gorgeous home!

i was hoping to see a pic of the bedroom with the japanese maple outside 8)


way to go Stacey…. very proud of our local girl… when are you inviting me over for a glass of vino so I can see more…..


Beautiful, beautiful colours! Thanks to Stacey for sharing.


eeek! is that a real deer head? so sad!!!!!! :(


Love all of it except for the, um ,taxidermy…


And I want the name of the turquoise-y paint! So lovely with the red!


The light grey wall looks so harmonious and beautiful – it’s definitely my favorite wall color. And the red chair is gorgeous, of course!

stacy pancake

Thanks for the post (Grace) and all of the kind words…The grey paint is from Kelly Moore, I believe the color name is Hand Knotted (I love the name.) The color in the bedroom is more of an ivy green with grey. The light coming through the window is making the walls look lighter than their true color.
On the wall, under the tile is an old real estate sign that I trimmed down and use to cover a little nook for storage. And the taxidermy was found on the street, I could not deny the sweet deer a home.


i love the table – where did you get it? i have been looking for one for ages now.